May 9th, 2017


Entertainment Tonight

Did not sleep well, woke up every hour. Took me till 8 to get out of bed.

On the road on time, took back roads, which had been clear, but now crews have one long stretch down to one lane as they repair the damage they did previously. Tomorrow I'll take the alternate back road. Freeway was very slow once I got on it.

At work by 9, AG called as I was going to the break room, he was still stuck in traffic. He had a call from a headhunter for a job as AG in the department at Netflix I used to work for. I warned him about the boss, and their lame automation program. He reminded himself that he needs to stay at Amazon for 3 more years to collect his stock bonus. Netflix stock is a joke compared to Amazon's. I told him to go to the interview and tell me what they offer him.

Did some automation testing, had an email conversation with the European products manager about some non-intuitive behavior in the boxes from over there. He agrees with me that they are doing it wrong, but Boss tells me it is up to them. I think he may get them to fix it. We'll see. Meanwhile the update we expected Monday won't be in till Thursday.

Lots of brief eye candy visits at lunch & break. Diet Coke is back. Captured a neutral portal in the next building.

5:30 drove to the cinema, caught the 6:30 showing of Groot 2 3-D. They didn't put a lot into the 3-D effects. And I'm a little pissed because when I looked online yesterday, tickets were full senior price, so I went today instead, but in the theater they advertised that Monday senior tickets are less.

I thought the movie was okay, a lot more funny lines than last one. Some actors who had done well with small parts last time were rewarded with larger parts. I don't think the directing or cinematography was as good. Those recliner seats in the back row suck, they don't have enough pillow, so you're looking at the ceiling with the leg platform extended. Or without. And in shorts the vinyl makes my legs sweat.

I expected to take 101 home, but there was as much traffic after the movie as there is after work. I think there was an accident or just people behaving badly at the intersections.

Home, everything in the mailbox went straight to the recycler. No deliveries. Still no call from the contractors.

Small Stouffer's all meat lasagna for dinner, mint chocolate chip lactaid ice cream for dessert while watching news on Tivo.

Plans for tomorrow