May 19th, 2017



Another 1 am blood sugar crash. I have to stop eating right. No, I need to stop shooting up too much bedtime insulin.

Once again, up with the alarm, showered and out the door early. AG called at 8:25, I was already on 101 past his exit. He was just stop-and-going near Great America Parkway.

Grabbed a banana and HB egg from the other building after dropping off my cooler and "weather station" in the hole.

Finished a test, which revealed an unexpected bug, so I was finishing a bug report when Boss showed up for our delayed sync-up.

Lots of follow ups from various engineers about bugs I'd filed. I filed more this week than in the previous months. Being given a pre-pre-release, known broken build to test was the reason. Boss likes the way I write them, but she usually has to fix the titles to something more catchy.

It was chilly in the morning outside, but in the low 70's in my room.

Lunch was delayed 10 minutes when about 30 middle-school kids invaded, took every seat in the room after each collecting a bottle of water from the fridge. One tried to snag a Red Bull, but didn't get away with it. They aren't supposed to be told to make themselves at home, they are supposed to be in and out as soon as possible. Argh. Get off my lawn.

Back at the hole, the temp continued to increase. Had to keep my door closed because I was playing a lot of audio. Eventually, shared this with facilities:

The outdoor sensor I'd placed outside on the window frame closest to the device. It was in direct sunlight - air temp at the time was "only" about 85.

Took my break right before I took the picture, the other building was at about 72°. Three people were holding a meeting in my usual space so I sat in one of the cushy booths instead. Usually those are full of people with laptops and headphones.

Last deed of the work day was to troubleshoot one of the devices by back-dating the firmware, but it failed, and it seems to be bricked now. Everyone else was at the beer bash, so I'll tell Boss on Monday.

While I was doing that I was chatting with Middle Sister, it was thunder/lightninging in Baltimore. Fire sirens with each flash.

Grocery Outlet for lox, took a while for the minion to finish stocking the entire section, so I toured around and picked up some of my faves. Famous Amos 12-pack, marinated artichoke hearts, hummus, coconut milk (the white stuff), HB eggs, smoked turkey (was rung up as ground lamb, correct price, though) cat treats ($1 less than Amazon).

Home, dinner was a bagel-based turkey salami sandwich, cole slaw and artichoke hearts. Home made lime soda. chocolate ice cream with crushed pistachios.

In the mail was a letter with a Santa Ana postmark, no return address, with a printout of email purportedly from the manager of the Fremont Toyota dealership to a sales manager asking her to "reach out" to me to see if I am willing to sell him my 2008 Corolla.

On it was a post-it from the alleged sales manager asking me to call a number if I was interested. The same number appears at the bottom of the email, under the "General Manager"'s name and address. The number is the right area code, but wrong prefix for the dealership. The dealership's page does not list any employee names, unlike most Toyota dealerships. Looking on LinkedIn, manager's listing says he's legit. I think I'll send him email from there. I sold that car in 2009, I think. 

Did not sleep well last night because of fuming over the mobile home park manager's fascist letter to all residents about complying with the list of "violations" and then seeing things on my list which are total bullshit. I am still fuming. They claim my shed, which has been there since way before I moved in, needs to be moved so it is 3' from utilities. It is more than 3' from any utilities. Always has been. The note says "see management". It really needs a LOT more than that to explain it to me.

Plans for tomorrow:
I don't know. It looks to be a very hot day out in the east bay, the rodeo starts at 1 pm, so maybe not a good idea. I'll check the weather over there around noon. It would be a great day to go to the baylands park, though. Always cooler and windy there.
Plant the pawpaw saplings. The roots have been soaking, they look a lot healthier now. I probably need to go to Lowe's for pots, and the recycle center for mulch. Or maybe I will open up the compost bin and use dirt from the bottom of that.