June 1st, 2017

Weird Dream

Weird Dream Channel

It's been a while since I remembered a dream after wakign up, but this one was just a doozy.

I have taken a long car trip somewhere, maybe Arizona or New Mexico. I'm parked in a school or theater lot, I go inside to hear a concert. The dream skips to me going back to my car after the concert, and it won't start. Somehow I know it is completely dead, it will never start again. Skip to the used car lot, where I buy an identical car, except it has generic license plates.

Skip ahead again, coming out of another concert, this time somewhere in Marin. My replacement car is a burned-out hulk. Somehow I know it was a burned out hulk when I bought it. Skip to me at a deserted area which I recognize as being one of the places above Stinson Beach where surfers might park. My original car with my vanity plates is there, and my dilemma as I wake up, is how to get those plates on the replacement car, but why would I want to do that on a burned-out hulk?

Too-busy day

Up with the alarm, skipped the shower because I didn't need it. Getting out of bed I accidentally kicked Spook, who was somehow in the BnB after not being there all night. She ran to the kitchen. She gallops pretty fast when she wants to. Sounds like a mini stampede.

Got email from my vet saying they board cats. I'm pretty sure I don't want to do that, even though I'll be gone for a week and a half. She has enough food and water for most of a month, self-cleaning litterbox too.

Work was hectic. I had one project which I wanted to focus on, but got distracted when two others had breakthroughs. I brought my spare blu-ray player but never had time to fire it up.

Boss' boss says we are moving to bldg 42, not 41. Ground floor. Boxes/labels arrive Monday, movers do their thing Wednesday. 

Spent way too much time trying to tame an old, erratic TV set and trying to install new stuff on it. Did not work.

Updated all three of my weekly test boxes, which somehow got rid of the test version the app I was hoping to test. Never had time.

Lunch was a too-small Swedish meatballs serving, lean cuisine I think. And Famous Amos. And there were oreos in the snack drawer. Nothing else edible.

Took a break at 4:30, when I got back the room was 83° so I re-opened the aircon ticket. The unit was not on.  WTF? It's huge, it's just off to the side from the front doors, behind a hedge. Easy to tell when it's running.

Home, traffic was a mess all over. It took 15 minutes to get to the freeway overpass because the 4-way, 4 left turn lane stop light at the movies was flashing red. As soon as I got there it turned green. So all the traffic behind me was in BMW asshole mode.

Took the long way through the IFH, but as it turned out, the shorter way got the green light first, and for longer than usual.

Delivered was the Amazon echo. It was easy to assign it to all my lights and fan but I'm somewhat peeved because it will only connect to one BT speaker, and when it uses the BT speaker it goes silent itself, which is not what I wanted. It can do a lot more than the Google Home unit, which I think I'll pull the plug on. I had high hopes, but once again Google has failed to link its products together. Amazon does a much better job of that.

Anyhow, the echo can now control all the things in the house, plus a speaker which Google can't connect to. A second echo might be able to add a second BT speaker, but maybe not. It needs more research. It says I can call Janice's echo. Maybe I'll try that tomorrow.

Dinner was Marie C roast gravy with liquid potatoes and some beef slices. Also the olives I didn't have time to eat at work, and caramel chip ice cream. When I'm home, I like to only have one flavor of ice cream at a time, but when I go to B&R or Cold Stone, etc., I like to mix & match. Go figure. Watched season 2 episode 1 of Dark Matter. They changed the logo graphic. People are finding out who they really are. There is a lot less action, a lot more dialog and somewhat more boring. Lame actor gets even more lame. Sexy leading lady has put on some thigh fat. They chose this episode to show her in underwear.
One of the workers Tuesday left behind a screwdriver. I wrapped it in bubble and put it in a padded envelope, slapped a label and a bunch of Forever stamps on it and walked it out to the mailbox. It may eventually be reunited with its owner.

Plans for tomorrow:
Home (need to get out of the neighborhood before the concert crowds make it impossible)
Slap a battery on the tiller, due to be on the front porch by the time I get home, and try it out.
Maybe go to Lowe's for hanging plants to replace two in the kitchen windows which have seen better days.