July 26th, 2017



It was simple. I needed to print more of my business cards for the con. All I was going to change was my photo and the slogan at the bottom. But for the past 3 hours I have been unable to get it to print within the margins. Nothing has changed which would account for that.

Since I was looking at making the cards smaller, I redid them entirely. Changed the borders, but that made it worse. InDesign is driving me crazy. Maybe I'll do it in Word, which at least has a template. Not as spiffy for layout, but hey.

That followed another printing WTF. Once again my check printing program messes up the MICR line - the one which used to be magnetic. I may have to give in and buy pre-printed checks. Grrr. The software is 4 years old, and Avanquest doesn't do updates anymore.

Tomorrow. Too late to mess with any of this tonight.

Morning was okay, traffic was very slow in the morning and 101 after work was a total mess but the back roads were tolerable.

Boring day at work, ran out of useful things to do so I played a Finnish mystery TV series on Netflix. Lots of gratuitous flesh. I'm starting to get a slight feel for the language. Downloaded an MP3 course, will play it in the car.

First thing after I got to the hole this morning, some new aircon tech comes in looking for the roof access. Asshats at facilities didn't bother to tell the new contractors (they fired the original ones) where the unit was. I had to tell them it was outside on the ground floor. He had to have seen it coming from the parking lot. I updated the ticket to let people know, and got a very stupid response from the support bozo saying what I just told him. I shouldn't be surprised, my first day on the job they sent me to the wrong place too. A lobby which doesn't exist.

Lunchtime was a cluster. Instead of the usual noon feeding so I woud have most of the break room at 1, they did a massive 1 pm feeding of a group of suits. Instead of setting them up in a lecture room they ate in the break room, which seats about half as many, so they clustered around, blocking everything. Lunch was a turkey pot pie & marinated artichoke hearts & tollhouse cookies.

After work I drove down to the company store and bought a Google branded power pack. On FB one of my friends suggested for the plane ride a Sony BT headphone set which I happen to have, but it won't last the 14 hours it needs. Also bought an android T-shirt.

Home, delivered was the seed starter kit, so I OCDed and prepped that. Now there are 12 peas and 12 milkweed seeds in a very spiffy planter on the rack by the livingroom windows. My two carnivorous plants next to it are thriving, so there's hope.

Ordered ink for both printers. That's a major cashectomy.

Signed up for a photo shoot on 8/20. Finally someone with a pretty face.

Dinner was Marie C teriyaki chicken. Ice cream.

Watched the ABC news. Until the weather. No sports worth watching. There was a study of donated football player brains which showed that concussion disease in almost all of them, but there was no control group. Bogus.

Plans for tomorrow:
Address labels for postcards for Helsinki