July 28th, 2017


I think I need to sandpaper my face

My sciatica was hurting all night, Ibuprofen did not help. at about 5 am I woke up for a pit stop, on my way back noticed the sleep number wand, and set it down about 30 points. That worked. Slept pain-free till the alarm went off.

Took my time getting out. 8:45 got me to work 5 minutes early. It looked like weekend traffic. Work was spotty, mostly running  a subset of the automation test on an STB many times and making a spreadsheet of the results. Most of what I did today was admin work. Not something I want to be known for.

Lunch was late - lost track of time while spreadsheeting. Pretty quiet in the break room. Small beef pot pie and marinated artichoke hearts, and the last of the tollhouse cookies.

No break, was updating devices and running tests. But I figured out how to connect the new headphones to my tablet, so I had a lot of music and could wander around the room and later walked across the building to see how far the signal reached. Odd, instead of cutting out like most BT does over distance, the volume decreased.

On the way home the calendar notice chimed, I had to look to see that there was a showing at 6 of Showboat in the community hall. Got home just before 6, walked the 3 blocks and was only 5 minutes late. There were only 2 others there, so host waited till 15 after. It was a very different production, a live taping of Paper Mill Playhouse in 1989. The tech, sets, and most of the leads' voices were exceptional. The chorus not so much. The costumes not so much. And it was horribly over-choreographed, with tender duets turned into production numbers. Cap'n Andy's role was way bigger than it had any right to be. Probably because it was played by Eddie Bracken who had about a dozen Broadway and 70+ movie credits.  He was excellent, outstanding even, but I think the play suffered from the additions. The story line was changed in many ways, and tunes which were in one place in the original were in widely different places in this production. One major change is they have Gay stay away for decades, Kim is starring on the showboat and Magnolia is a Broadway star when he returns. In the original, Gay doesn't even know Magnolia is pregnant when he leaves her, and Kim is about 5 when he returns.

Old Man River is sung to death, it pops up behind six or more scenes. When P.L. Brown sings it (twice) all the way through, he doesn't go for the slide to a low F on "jail". which is odd, because he does hit it on the next word, so it was just an Artistic wrong choice.

All the songs were in there, plus a couple of new ones which were a sop to the "colored folk" but in fairness they did show off hidden talents. They even let Mrs. Cap'n Andy sing toward the end, and as it turns out, Marsha Bagwell has a lovely voice. She also does quite a severe Margaret Dumont imitation. Totally blown away by Shelly Burch's Julie, though it's clear she doesn't get drunk ever IRL.

Pleasant walk home. Wore the new New Balance sandals all day, they fit comfortably.  Watered all the gardens and porch plants. The seeded area still has not sprouts. Hmm.

Delivered was Canon ink.

Just had to reprint one set of address labels - they had been printed on the wrong side. :-(

Dinner was spaghetti & meatballs, cole slaw & ice cream.  Lime soda. I may need more limes to last me till vacation.

Shirts are in the dryer. I may even hang them up tonight.

Plans for tomorrow:
Drop off the rent & give them my vacation dates
Water the indoor plants
Change the litterbox
Car wash?
Call BB&B to find out if they do SodaStream exchanges. If not, Target to do that, and pick up more dry-erase pens
Coffee with Janice at the Starbucks near BB&B
8 pm Sarah Griner cabaret show in SJ. Maybe.