September 15th, 2017


I Believe in Yesterday

So, three nights of 2 am bedtimes and after-work doings got to me, so instead of my usual computering last night I just had a cuppa and went to bed.

It was a late wake-up,  sort of on purpose because I had that NFLShop package to drop off at the PO. Very puzzling - the parking lot was almost full, but there was no line. Maybe people were checking their PO boxes. whatever. Dropped off the package and got to work almost on time. Grabbed breakfast, went to the hole to discover that the screen saver had not kicked in on the test machine, which meant no chance to run the test to make sure that it woke up when "casted" to after several hours. Pretty decent customer use case test.

So I ran the local automated test suite on it instead.

Lunch was eye candy city. A small but extremely attractive group which had parked their luggage in the conference room opposite the break room came in to claim their things, take a Group Photo®  and go their separate ways. The men in the group were kind of bland but there was a tall blonde Retired Miss America type in a floor length summer dress which showed off her hourglass figure, a 5'4"-ish Asian woman in a red and black broad striped knee-length dress which hugged her figure and showed off her legs, and a tiny Hispanic woman (under 5' tall, maybe 80 lbs) in a red fuzzy sweater and jeans. Also, in the corner was a semi-regular break room visitor, who is usually huddled over her laptop and sitting cross-legged in a way which mostly hides her. She got up to go to the loo, and OMG what a perfect figure packed into very tight jeans and a T-shirt. Asian woman about 5 feet tall. Breathtaking.

And there were other visitors as well, but enough descriptions. Lunch was a Jimmy Dean breakfast croissant, artichoke hearts and Famous Amos.

Back to the hole, larger scale automated test failed, because I forgot it can't run on a prototype build. Spent most of the afternoon watching Thai Masked Singer season 3 episode 1 - they have trimmed down the format and cut a lot of the BS. Or so I thought, until it showed up in a different order. The first contestant was in an outfit which looked like Groot had become a rock person. Second contestant was in something puffed up with a headpiece like a heart with an arrow through it. Neither of them sang anything impressive.

Toward the end of the day I went next door to share some issues I've been seeing on their box with BT, and the product manager was there. He was seeing the same iffy connections, and apparently my reports told him it was not just his testing methods. Because when you're testing something and it works intermittently, the first thing to suspect is your testing skills.

Earlier in the day I watched the iPhone X launch broadcast, which was followed by several other product launches at the new Steve Jobs Auditorium in the Spaceship campus, which just opened a few days ago. I was appalled that every single one of the presenters was a white, middle aged man. These are all product managers, which means Apple's glass ceiling is firmly in place, and having a gay CEO doesn't make a difference. Though it may, there is no way to know if that parade of presenters were all gay.

I was impressed with the facial recognition tech, and disgusted that it was wasted on animated emojis, one of them being a pile of poo. The allegedly live demo between the presenter and Timmy looked pre-recorded. No way to tell from the way they showed it. The features they were touting, dual camera lenses, no home button, edge to edge display - I have those on my cheap Huawei phone.

Called for and got a manicure appointment, so after work I did that.

After manicure, I drove to Google Pear Ave, plugged in the car, went into the cafeteria which was horribly crowded and the line for the main dish was a block long. Maybe 20 minutes. Off to the side there was some smashed red potatoes with skins and some kind of pork stew which was edible. That long line led to a buffet of not very appetizing items. Amazing what people will line up for if it is free.

Didn't take long to finish the small portion, got some soft serve in a cup and went outside to watch the incoming and outgoing eye candy. Probably 80% Asians. About the same amount bringing SOs and/or children. It's a new building, huge parking lot, shuttle stop, so popular. At 7:30 I drove out the back way, made a left and was at The Pear.

At the concession counter was a very tall, attractive young woman who said hi and asked if I remembered her. She looked very familiar, but I couldn't place her. Turns out she had been in Come Blow Your Horn with me at Santa Clara in 2001. 16 years ago! She played my stage son's ski bunny bimbo. Frankly, she looks better now. I'm not surprised I didn't recognize her, we were never on stage at the same time, and SC Players didn't have a green room.

The show was very entertaining. Well-acted, very well directed and the set was lovely. In The Next Room or The Vibrator Play by Sarah Ruhl. 1880's, a psychiatrist in love with Edison's electrical gadgets applies technology to treat hysterical women. As was often the case back then, his "surgery" was in his home, so his wife looked at it as the next room. Which was kept locked. But the walls were not soundproof.

The whole cast was excellent except for the actress who plays the wet nurse. She was difficult to hear, and didn't look the part. Way too skinny. And I don't think she "got it" that her one big scene was her One Big Scene. And what should have been one of the major lines in the play she kind of just dropped on the floor. The Wife and the Patient made the scene work, anyway.

After the show I gave Bimbo my card when she asked if she could link to me on FB. I also teased the Pear founder, who had retired last month but apparently had not gotten the memo. And was rewarded with an explanation of how they had been able to afford the wonderful venue they are now in. Turns out Google bought their old place, and helped get them set up in one a block away.

Next month the theater is throwing an official going-away party/fundraiser for her. I should go to that.

Home, no traffic to speak of on 101 or at the IFH exit. In the mailbox was a delivery slip for the package which will have my wallet in it. Yay! Registered mail. Took 2 weeks after it got to the US.

 Gave Spook some treats, made a cup of tea, talked to Alexa, and left a "welcome home" message on it for Janice, so it would be there when she got home next week. Took my meds, posted the placeholder, and went to bed.

11:45 pm I am woken up by the loud notification sound on my phone. It was Janice messaging me that she is not home yet. Then the phone asks if I want to talk to her. I do. Amazed that it's as clear as any cell phone call, and she's calling from either Germany or Denmark, where it's about 10 am. Cool to know the Alexa app can do that.
Back to sleep.

Plans for Friday:
Post office, pick up the wallet
Set up personal laptop to write this


The Finnish tracking app stopped updating after 9/2 when the package with my wallet hit the USA. I had no idea where it went from there, and no way to find out because that info is only available to people with a login, and only people with a Finnish or Swedish bank account or credit card can get a login. So getting the delivery notice in the mail last night was the first hint I had that it was USPS.

Up with the alarm, and out the door early, at the PO just after it 8:30 opening, no line, and signed for the package, which had been sent registered mail. There was no customs stamp, so the only thing I can think of it is arrived on the east coast and the hurricanes slowed it down. Still, it shouldn't have taken 2 weeks.

Opened the package in the car, and was amused that not only were all the things in it except the cash, the pickpockets even left three credit card receipts.

Early to work, the usual routine. Today's YouTube and 3rd party news apps were all about Cassini, which bit the dust of Saturn at about 4 am Pacific. I also watched a lot of 49ers post-loss angst.

And it was a day of updates. The previous posting was done on my laptop, at work, but there were Dell and MSFT updates to install on it. Then my Huawei phone wanted an update, and then my work Nexus 6 phone. And since it was Friday, the latest firmware for one of the STBs, and ran the automation test on it.

5:30, answered a Q from a product manager on messenger, and left.

HVAC company had two trucks there today, but the machine is still open and not working. Next week forecast says it won't be needed till a week from Sunday.

Home, traffic was relatively light. Opened all the doors because the house was 10 degrees warmer than outside, and outside was a good inside temp. Watered the front garden. The purple basil is pretty much dead, and I don't know why.

In the park slot was a sheet about the new table scraps program, and some actual specific dates. 10/9 is when the exchange is scheduled, 10/16 if you forget to leave your cart out.

Did not have Thursday Night Football on auto-record, but there were two episodes of PTI to watch.

Beef pot pi, ice cream.

Sat on the porch rocking chair to watch hummingbirds, but only 2 showed up. Inside, Spook raced the length of the house a few times, after getting her claws caught in the screen door.

No deliveries.

Transferred all my cards & cash to the old wallet. The new one is the same make & model, but it's leather and the old one is stretched enough that it isn't a challenge anymore to extract the cards from it.

After taking inventory, I shredded both the BofA cards which had been in reported stolen, as well as the clipper card. I've set aside the GOES card, turns out the replacement has a newer number on the back, and the Mastercard, which is still good. I got a replacement, but didn't report it lost or stolen. Threw out the biz cards, they had the European SIM phone numbers on it.

On FB I looked up the bimbo from last night. and it seems she was married and had kids since 2001. However it also looks like she is single again and working from home. And maybe home schooling the kids. Maybe. And since being in the show with her, I have been in shows with two other people who share her maiden name. I don't think they are related. Though I suspect that the guy from Little Shop of Horrors is related to the gal from Babes in Toyland.

Need to watch the last half of the Cassini press conference. Linda Spilker, whom I saw give two or three update lectures at Foothill College, had the best line - "Thanks for the ringside seats".

Plans for tomorrow:
Lowe's, need a replacement for a broken hose nozzle, and some ant traps. And maybe a replacement for the dwarf orange tree on the porch which hasn't done much in 2 years.
Pull the pawpaws and set those three big pots aside. Those three saplings are not surviving.
Maybe go downtown and Ingress. Or go to the park down the block. I'm pretty much out of resonators. Haven't played much in a month. Kept forgetting in Helsinki.