October 24th, 2017


Old Wives Tales FTW

Zoe slept by my feet again. But she spent all day on the top tier of the office cat tree. Spook was mostly out of sight.

Pain in my leg was breathtaking when I got up for real, it was pretty bad each time I got up to pee also.

101 on ramp was backed up, but okay after. At work early. Grabbed breakfast, the place was filled with some kind of breakfast event.

At the hole, the test was still running, which is a good thing. But it goes for many minutes at a time without showing anything on the screen or on the logs.

1 pm, off to Kaiser. BP was better, then they had me stand up and it was almost normal.

Another stand-in doctor to check out the pain, and she said yes, Mom's guess that what she had was sciatica was right, and that's what I have too. Classic symptoms didn't even need an x-ray. Got a flu shot too. Then down to the pharmacy where I waited way too long for them to fill the third, and most common prescription. And then the pharmacist insisted that the topical anti-inflammatory was the same as the naproxen, despite my pointing out that they are different chemicals applied differently. She didn't get it, she was just looking at what symptoms they addressed. Kind of like saying you don't need aspirin if you have tylenol, or ibuprofen.

I took an ice pack to work, used it before the appointment, and it helped.

Got some emergency glucose gel, B&D alcohol wipes and Salonpas in addition to the naproxen, topical gel and muscle relaxant (sleep aid). They don't carry breathe right strips WTF?

Back to the hole, where it was now 80° inside, almost 90 outside, and the air conditioner was not running. Sent a note to facilities, they sent  guy to check, and sure enough, he had to turn the thing on manually. He said he would look into why it didn't trigger by itself.

Very sleepy, hung in there till 6. Then to Safeway for breathe right strips, toothpaste, artichoke hearts and $100 of assorted groc.

Home, it took four trips from the car to bring everything in because the cashier/bagger did not know how to bag.

Zoe got off her perch and followed me around the kitchen, but seemed confused by the water fountain, didn't try to eat either the kibble or the treats. I opened a can of wet food and put it in her dish and parked it in the alcove of the cat tree, lifted her up and placed her facing it, she took a tiny bite and went back to the tier.

OTOH, her litterbox needed scooping big-time. Earlier I tried putting her on Spook's, but she didn't get it. Crystals.

Watched PTI and part of the Housewives episode I'd started recording. From the dialog I thought it was going to be a seance or psychic reading, but then it took a left turn to "let's visit Iceland". Deleted.

Dinner was fried chicken dark meat a la Safeway & cole slaw. Ice cream.

Zoe has decided she doesn't like me picking her up. Spook has figured out that I still love her, and is giving Zoe space.

Time to take drugs and get some sleep
Plans for tomorrow:
Work - automation may finish