October 31st, 2017

Weird Load

Winter is coming aka Halloween aka last day of October aka World Series Game 6

aka the day the 49ers traded for yet another QB.

Up before the alarm, but Spook was in the bedroom doggie bed so I stayed till about 10 minutes after. The backside/leg is still in pain, but much reduced. Bathroom adventure of the morning was refilling the shower gel & shampoo containers. I have hardly used any conditioner lately. Haven't been growing my beard long enough to need it.

AG called early, I was just taking my meds, so I put him on speaker and we chatted till I needed both hands + mobility to pack my lunchbox. He took his boy to the mall Sunday for trick or treat, and was taking him around the neighborhood tonight, probably.

101 was light until the last 2 exits, then it was stopped and slow. The last mile took 15 minutes.

Got breakfast, and took my lunchbox & halloween costume to the hole, in case Boss was going to visit. I don't think the Chinese engineers know about Halloween. I knew they would not dress up.

Got into an email spat with one of the partner liaisons who wanted me to run a suite of tests on his partner's latest device, but the tests are meant mostly for cell phones, not for TV units. The suite he wanted made sense if you only read the headline, but the headline lies. There is an automation test suite which takes 48 hours to run, and this was billed as the manual tests based on that suite. Tests which need eyes and ears and tester interaction (which is what I do). But it only has 4 video tests, and they are all from pre-HD and they are horrible. 

So now Boss wants me to go over all 3,487 tests and say which ones are good for TV and which ones could be improved. We need to talk.

I forgot she had an eye doctor appointment the same time as our sync.

Lunchtime I had the break room to myself, good thing I didn't wear my costume.

After work I drove down the block to the company store, hoping to get some Android stickers and a new branded badge holder (mine is stretching) and a tablet stand. But they have gutted the place, and most of the swag is gone.

So, home, traffic was miserable even on back roads.

Zoe was in the carport window, Spook was in the bathroom.

Spook has been crowding Zoe more and more, Zoe is still making rude noises, but has figured out that those are not too effective against a 14# cat.

I was in the bedroom folding laundry, Spook was on the bed observing, when Zoe came down the hall toward us. Spook jumped off the bed and chased Zoe back down the hall and under the table. No sounds except for the thundering hooves. Spook looked like she had a half a mind to take the fight under the table, which she is perfectly capable of doing, but came back to the bedroom instead.

My first session on the PC, Zoe curled up on the other office chair. While I was watching TV, she jumped up onto the recliner arm and went to sleep between me and the arm.  When I got up for dessert she relocated to the middle of the room, played with some toys and then sacked out.

She's still there, I think Spook is still in the bathroom.

Dinner was Marie C herb roasted chicken. It's bone-in, not mystery meat.

At work I watched a lot of YouTube about the Patriots trading their one and only backup QB to the 49ers for just a 2018 draft pick. I think he is a very good QB, but nobody is good enough to overcome a "porous" offensive line, drop-prone receivers and under-sized running backs.

It's likely that the QB the 49ers let go will end up as Patriots' backup QB, where I think he had been before. He's a good QB, he just needs a good team around him. 

Plans for tomorrow:
Celebrate November Fools Day
Work - what I do depends on what Boss needs done
Manicure (a week late, my nails are way long)