November 3rd, 2017


Crowbarring myself away from Facebook

It should be easier, but they keep showing me different posts in no particular order.

Up 3 minutes before the alarm this morning, did my routine partly in reverse, treats for the cats, then computer time, then bathroom doings.

After that it was routine.

Cloudy day, cold, threatening to rain - somewhere else. Back roads had only a couple of bicyclists. 101 was fast for the short bit I was on it. Today's fun was waiting for dump trucks to realize they didn't want to be in the exit-only lane, and not knowing they could take that lane for 2 miles before they needed to scoot over.

At work on time, the front doors were locked again. I was not happy. So I filed a fix-it again, and played the ADA card, which pissed off my boss, who threatened to move me back to the one narrow desk in the crowded row of narrow desks which is my official "office". She knows I can't do my job there.

Another lunchtime with a handful of lurkers, and one huge group of young suits with roller bags who came in just long enough to grab a bottle of something, and then I lost track.

Set up three TVs to run the Sekret Projekt, one would not connect.

Boss did come down for sync, in a whirlwind of "let's find Howard badge to the front door". We went next door, where the engineers live, they all have badges. She had given them a stack of them but they weren't where she put them a year ago. The engineers didn't show up today, most Fridays they don't.

Then back to my lab, where I showed her what I was doing, and she also gave me a set top box the size of a hockey puck from somewhere in Europe. It had a power supply with a plug I have never seen before. I was able to sub a standard European adapter, for which I had a USA plug. I left it running 4K HDR and it looked gorgeous.

After 5:30, I went back next door and found a stash of 4 badges, none of them opened the front door, but security had emailed that the building is on a timer, and I know the lights on the timer go out at 5:30,  so I held onto one to try Monday morning. 50-50 chance.

Home, very light traffic on back roads. Webcam all day had shown Zoe moving around a bit, finally settling onto a circular spot below a rectangular platform on one of the cat trees by the porch windows.

She is still there now. As I was having dinner, Spook came up to her to play, and got screamed at so she walked away. Found her on the bathroom rug.

After watching two episodes of PTI and one of The Orville, I spent too much time on the floor setting the train cars back on the track from where I accidentally kicked them. It would be easier with more straight track, but the two pieces left over make the loop too steep an angle.

The Orville was very serious Trek-like except for a glory hole joke and a couple of fart jokes. They featured the doctor, who is a fairly plain looking black woman, and for this episode has two young boys she raised as a single-by-choice mom. I was not impressed with her acting, though she tried hard with a very difficult script. There was a lot of radiation sickness makeup on a dozen of the bad guys.

Plans for tomorrow:
11 am party at Tivo where they announce their new voice remote for the Bolt. I have a Bolt. It's in a cabinet with three other retired Tivo boxes. I'm using a Romeo in the livingroom, which apparently will also work with the voice remote.  I retired the Bolt because the first one was flakey, and the replacement was just as bad. When the "free" 1-year subscription ran out I put the Romeo back in its place. The previous models all had lifetime subscriptions, but not the Bolt, and the annual subscription is downright usurious.

No Avenue Q - they are sold out. Sunnyvale players has reversed their bad decision of 2016 and have lined up an all-winners series of musicals. The good news is they are now getting full houses, the bad news is I won't buy tickets to a show that sells out before it even gets on stage. And Sunnyvale still hasn't got much of a tech gang.

It's probably going to rain, so I'll watch football and Netflix and get Zoe back on my lap.