November 12th, 2017

Dr. Howeird

Mostly slept

There was some serious football time, watching the 49ers finally refuse to hand the other team the win.

The cats were not fighting. Zoe is mostly sicking to her cat tree nook, but she's been eating & drinking when Spook isn't around, and Spook isn't charging at her the past 2 days. Spook has be diving under the sofa finding new old toys to play with me.

Taking out the garbage & recycles was a major chore, but putting garbage bags in all the containers was more stressful (bending down, I guess).  Grabbed my Google ID from the car so I could log in and email in sick. Definitely need more lying down time. And there is nothing at work which is critical. The lack of pay is not so bad when it isn't combined with the hospital charge.

My main doctor is due to phone in the  morning, and I may need to ask for home health nurse visit. Main challenge is what to eat. I have stuff, but it needs to b prepared.

The bluetooth BP monitor is great. The cuff is non-directional, it doesn't care which way is the elbow and which the hand. And it's fast. And my reading was normal, which means I'm somewhat light-headed.

Weight was down too, 18.3 lbs down from ER. 2.3 from yesterday.

Plans for tomorrow:

Sleep. Lots of bed rest.
Tivo time: - recorded the after-game wrap up on the 49ers channel.
Also, set to record my dear friend Nancie on Hallmark, @Home & Family kitchen with hosts @Mark Steines and @Debbie Maldonado. 10 am/9Central Monday 11/13! First segment so don’t be late! Persimmon pie, NC-style (7 am Pacific)
Doctor call
Maybe order a Safeway delivery. Need bananas.