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Mister Eclectic

Another sweaty stop and go sleep night

Kept waking up with a sweaty head. The shoulder which was injected was red and painful enough to grab a cold pack from the fridge and slap it on for a couple of minutes. Sometime after midnight, before 1 am.

Processed the first set of Laura photos and got them up online. You need to be a Flickr friend to see them, I think. The other set is horrible, total waste of electrons, so I'm leaving them untouched on the hard drive. Tempted to delete them. Maybe later.

There was a lot of cropping and other adjusting, it took a long time. I took breaks to iron my Hawaiian shirts, lunch (chopped liver & onions sandwich), treats for the cats, powering up the latest cat toy. And a little football.

1940's radio UK on tune-in did a couple of interesting shows. Unlike KCEA and the other UK 1940's station, this one tells who is playing and the name of the song and during the shows a little bit more.

3:00 rolled around and it was time to head to Janice's. Fixed her PC issue - she had changed her password and Windows did not update the security setting which let her skip the password on login. Used netplwiz to toggle that, and she's back to where she wants to be.

Then we met at the Starbucks near BB&B, and walked to BB&B so I could look for a better 8" pan. Did not find one, so we walked back and sat outside catching up. She has finally hooked up with the mental health professionals she has been working to find, has better meds and more importantly, a doctor who is on the same page.

Back to BB&B, bought the too-expensive pan, and did a sodastream cartridge exchange & bought a bottle of caffeine-free cola syrup.

Stopped off at Grocery Outlet for milk, mangoes, grapes, strawberries & mochi. Also got breaded fish fillets and a couple of sesame chicken steamers.

Home, big surprise - Spook was on the laundry counter, Spot was on the floor. This is the first time since I got Spot that Spook reclaimed her traditional welcome home space.

Took out the garbage, including the garden cuttings bin to which I had added two wild roses which had died. Those things grow like weeds around work, they should have thrived.

The generic lid didn't fit the new pan, and there isn't one online. Of course I threw out all the tags. Went on Amazon and found a better pan, but it's an add-on item, so not going to get it real soon.

The bath towels I bought online were not the ones I wanted, same story - the tags are long gone 'cause I washed the towels. BB&B wanted $50 for one.  Meanwhile, Spot loves sleeping on them atop the small recliner.

Parked myself on the recliner with baked chicken on rice, and watched the Doctor Who pre-watch party from BBC America. And then the first episode.

A couple of things about that:
All the companion-ish roles (there are 4 of them) were played brilliantly. Especially Tosin Cole (Ryan Sinclair) who has the opening scene.
The writing is excellent. There are no fart references. None.
I am not totally sold on Jody Whittaker, but blame the script - they overdo the Doctor's regeneration disorientation.
And the much-publicized new togs are an after-thought, at the end of the show.

I also watched the after-show interviews, they could have done so much better choosing guests. The hostess did well with whom she had.

The TCL TV didn't make it. Monday or Tuesday is the estimate. I am not pleased. I took the 55"-er out of the bedroom and set it on the floor in the guest room. I may swap the TV stands back. When I got the 55" it did not fit on the prettier, smaller stand, so I bought a new stand for the livingroom, moved the one from the bedroom into the livingroom and the ugly big stand to the bedroom. I was ready to 1-800-got-junk the big stand.

Delivered was a crushed box of Breathe-Right strips.

Plans for tomorrow:
Phone interview from Roku

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