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Mister Eclectic

A Roku Day, and then some

Up early, needed a pit stop anyway. No cats in sight until I was back in bed and fired up the tablet.

Out on time, at work a little early because Columbus Day drained the college and federal commuters off the freeway. Traffic was not light but it was lighter.

Boss comes in and tells me to smoke test the crapTV, which she could have done a week ago. Apparently they have seen issues with DRM content, so I started with paid-for Youtube stuff, which failed. Plowed through the whole raft of YT tests, finished the day on a 3-hour one, and have one more of those to do tomorrow. She also brought me a Europe device which allegedly works, but it will take me another day or more to get to it. YT test suite adds a day to the smoke test.

Lunch was sesame chicken steamer & strawberries.

2:07 pm Roku called just as I was walking back inside after waiting outside for the 2 pm call. It was mega humid outside, and about 85°. Nice chat, the job sounds like what I want to do, not a coder role. Minutes later she set me up with a phone interview with the hiring manager for Friday afternoon. Looked her up on LinkedIn, and HM has only just been promoted to that position.  But has a solid automation QA background.

Amazon messaged that the Roku TV was delivered. Made me kind of nervous because I knew it would be a while before I could get to it.

5:30, started the final 3-hour test, if it's still running in the morning it passes. On to my nails appointment. Went with cobalt blue again. Better than the brighter blue I'd had on.

Nobody to flirt with this time. Manager said only 2 other customers all day. Two more walked in while I was being worked on.

Home, no need for Safeway stop.

Delivered was a wireless door bell for the carport door, and the TV. As I was unpacking the TV, a box with 600 bathroom cups was delivered. No mail today - Columbus - but a flyer for Friday movie night which I may go to.

I think I did it late last night- put the big ugly TV stand in the guest room and moved the smaller pretty stands into the bedroom. It was actually a set of one base unit, a slightly smaller one on top of it and an even smaller one on top of that.

Unpacked the TV, screwed on the legs and it was too wide for the top piece. And the middle piece. But just right for the base.

Fired it up, and as expected it wanted to do an update, then I ran the antenna scan. Logged into a Roku account I forgot I had. I like the layout better than Android TV, but the graphics aren't as good. Tested the Blu-Ray player, which also needed an update, it looks great on this TV.

Re-programmed my Logitec remote for the new TV, and tested it. Maybe later I'll add the Netflix button. Maybe. The Roku remote is tiny, and has several special use buttons. Before my Friday interview I'll want to explore Roku offerings.

Spot kept me company when he wasn't attacking Spook. Spook came in for a minute, under the linen rack.

Installed & tested the carport doorbell.

Refilled the pillboxes.

Started a dishwasher load.

Dinner was reheated pizza & mochi.

Watched PTI, deleted all the football games and the two extra Who repeats and fired up YouTube on the new TV to see what happened during the Big Fight. The Celtic Poser basically got the crap beat out of him. He'll be back because $$$.

One thing I had time for during the 3-hour test was read Gizmodo's write-up on the new Doctor Who episode. They pretty much agreed with me, plus added a couple of points I had not thought of, and a couple of points which showed they are only familiar with this century's episodes, because they did not know that the earliest shows also had major roles for women.

Followed an Ohio storm chaser to Nashville, he is on his way to Florida for Hurricane Michael's landfall later this week.

Plans for tomorrow:
Work - lots of it
Remember to apply the room label I printed yesterday but left home
Straight home I think

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