Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
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I had such a good subject line, but FB ruined it

I need to take a vacation from Facebook. Women are taking everything and a deathly insult.
It was an okay day. Up on time, but on the road a little later than I wanted. Oddly enough the last mile on the freeway was pretty sane.

The test I hoped would still be running wasn't, YouTube seems to have added a hands-off timeout. It should have been playing 4k videos but it was in screen saver mode.  Screen saver is not supposed to activate when a video is playing.

So I started it up again, then hooked up the latest (Norwegian) STB to my desk TV, and started testing it. About 3 hours later when the video test was done on crapTV, I had to turn off Norway and run all the standard tests on crapTV. The new test plan (from London) is horrible, takes a lot longer to run because it was written by people who have never run the tests. They are out of order.

Lunch was some foo-foo brand of shawarma chicken, which sucked because instead of rice it was keen-wah. Or some other obnoxious ancient grain. Strawberries for dessert. Jello fudge pudding for a snack, and grapes.

4:30 plugged in the car, 5:45 homeward bound. Really big backup on Shoreline. And on the frontage road.

Home, delivered was a month's supply of meat stick treats.

The door bell button I just slapped on last night was in pieces on the driveway. Put it back together, scraped the layers of double-sided tape off the door jamb and put some super-strength tape on the back of the button. It looks like it will stay now.

Unloaded the dishwasher. Dinner was combination fried rice from one of those freezer sealed boxes. It was way past its due date, I bet. Too much salt, so it had been sitting in the freezer for months.

Dessert was the last of the fresh mango chunks. I tried to cut t mangoes I bought over the weekend, but they are not ripe enough.

Watched PTI and a new episode of Long Lost Family. LLF was one of the best ever. Woman left as a 12-hour-old on the steps of a gas station, and her mother turned out to be a 93-year-old still very much alive and lucid. They were expecting someone younger. 

Shark Tank, Graham Norton and Below Deck are in the queue.

The cats have spent a lot of the evening within a couple of feet of each other.

Spot eventually broke the spell.

Plans for tomorrow:
Call Home Depot. Try to cancel an express order I placed by mistake.

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