Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Almost made it through the day without FB

Up at 6 with Spot licking my leg. Back to sleep and the 7:30 alarm was a complete surprise.

First order of business was to call Home Depot - local store - and cancel the express delivery. That will get me a $10 refund. We'll see tomorrow if they managed to add the item to the non-express part of the order.

Out early, traffic was miserable.

Finished testing the crapTV, and went back to testing the Norway STB. Managed to break it. Europe minion will not be pleased. I wasn't - it needed a complete factory reset to recover, which means going through the whole setup process all over again. Twice. Because:

Lunch was beef teriyaki steamer and strawberries. PNB & J in a cup for a snack. Never ate the grapes.

Storm chasers were in FL at or near ground zero, being stupid. I was listening to one guy in his car in a parking garage very close to the shore being interviewed by a radio station, and his feed stopped. Later in the day another chaser said the guy had gotten out of his car to hide in a stairwell, and his car was washed away. He was apparently safe, but needing rescue. Another one got his tires slashed by flying debris. And one was streaming at about 4:30 PDT driving behind an escort car, through all kinds of rubble, flooding and downed power lines. It was a mess.

Plugged the car in at 5-ish, only time for 92% charge by 5:30.

Traffic was horrible, I needed to make three detours because people were being more inconsiderate than normal with blocking intersections and left turn lanes. The backup to east bay was worse than I have ever seen it at that time of day.

Home, nothing delivered.

Watched PTI and Below Deck. This season's crew is bizarre. The wrong crew person is boson. The 2nd Stew(ard) came out to the 3rd Stew(ardess) who had a crush on him. And so on.

Dinner was hot dogs on falling apart buns. Buns made from something  healthy but crumbly. Baked beans and mixed veggies on the side.

In cat news, I played with Spot using one of the feathers on a wand toys. It did not, as advertised, tire him out. Tired me out. Spook came out to the food dish 3 times to meow at me, the first two times to get treats, the third time just to yell at me.

Could not see volume buttons on the Roku remote so I RTFMed. They are on the sides, like mouse extra buttons.

I stayed off FB all day because people are being overly vitriolic and knee-jerk again. Had to get on from home because there was a PM from my friend the Worldcon 2018 chairman. He was asking to use some of my photos in an article. Of course he can.

Plans for tomorrow:

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