January 3rd, 2018


Swap not-Meet

Last night was a bad one for me, went to bed around 9, feverish, could not get to sleep for hours. Spook was not liking being confined to one room, even though it was a room she use to spend most of her time in. Zoe was very nervous about having the run of the house, and ended up on the laundry room counter which was her safe escape place when Spook was chasing her.

At about 2 am I made a pit stop, and Zoe joined me. When I was done she was on the bed, and let me pet her momentarily, but jumped off when I got under the covers. The same thing happened a couple of hours later.

She did eat all the treats I set out in the kitchen.

Was just barely feeling OK for work when the alarm went off, gave myself an extra half hour.

At work, looking at the web cams. Zoe mostly parked on top of the laundry counter, Spook was mostly hiding (either under the futon, on the window sill or in the closet).

Continued testing what I had been testing. At about 11, Boss scheduled a sync for 3:30.

Lunch was PNB sandwich, satsuma, and strawberries and blueberries from a Safeway fruit cup. Diet Coke. It was noisy - two women, one with a babe in arms breast feeding, the other jabbering away about her (sounded like Hawaii) wedding/honeymoon plans. They were so loud!

Back to the hole, definitely sleep deprived. Diet Cokes helped.

Boss never showed up, never messaged. Typical.

Netflixed the last of Travelers and some Magicians, then switched to Attenborough's The Earth.  Better production values, more believable plot.

Out at 5:30, the engineers next door were already gone, leaving me to lock up.

Home by all back roads.

Took Zoe off the laundry counter and put her in the kitchen and gave her treats, and took a handful of treats in to Spook, after shooing her away from the door. She let me pet her a little, but was happier eating the treats and then hiding under the futon.

Feeling feverish again, but temp is normal. Will take my bedtime drugs soon and head for bed. Hope I get some sleep this time, and maybe Zoe joins me.

Delivered just now walnuts and Breathe-Right strips from jet.com

Brought Zoe into the office and put her on the cat tree. She parked on a lower level for a while, is now exploring behnd the boxes under the table.

I straightened up the calendars, there are about 40 left.

Started pouring rain in a torrent, lasted 10 minutes. Sounded like a train going by. Or a C5A.

Plans for tomorrow: