January 12th, 2018


Nest egg

Slept okay until a little after 5 when it sounded like the cats were fighting, but on further inspection the next door neighbors had returned home (haven't seen them since last year) and one of their dogs got loose, Spook tried to fight him through the porch window. Dog was about 20 feet away.

Fewer wake-ups, but longer times getting back to sleep.

Working from home today, so got up 15 minutes later than usual. Set up the work laptop & signed in, which took a while because it has been a long time since I used that [secure] macbook, and my password had changed, which meant registering the laptop with the new password in several places.

Rewarded with several messages from Big Unnameable Company closing a couple of bugs I filed as duplicates, admitting there was still at least one stumper, and telling me that the latest release had fixes for two more. So nice to get feedback on bugs.

Later in the day were announcements that the team was moving half a mile away to it's own small building. Much was made of the stupidity of having a fire pole, and smaller restrooms than needed. And hyping the large outdoor patio when it's cold & raining. It's a clear demotion for the team.  The good news is my lab will stay where it is. The bad news is this will make it more difficult for the product managers to visit me.

A FB friend recommended a free Amazon Prime show The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, I watched the whole series. Normally Tony Shalhoub bores me to tears, but he does some actual against-type character acting in this one. Marin Hinkle, on the other hand, plays his wife erratically, hard to tell if it is bad acting or inconsistent writing. Very impressed with Alex Borstein playing androgynous wanna-be agent. Not sure how I feel about the title role. Rachel Brosnahan has her moments, but the roller coaster script doesn't always give her a chance to shine.

The episodes are salted with a truly enjoyable sound track of eclectic music, each piece setting up the scene in which it is playing. Very surprising to hear  A Wonderful Day Like Today by Cyril Ritchard from The Roar of the Greasepaint. I think there were two different renditions of I Enjoy Being A Girl from Flower Drum Song (covers, not Broadway cast). Peggy Lee, Connie Francis, Frank Sinatra, Perry Como, David Bowie, The Barrie Sisters, Blossom Dearie, Dinah Washington, The Mills Brothers, Paul Revere and the Raiders, many more.

Thermostat installer window was noon-4, he showed up around 1:30. Did a quick professional job, and was puzzled why the installer who put in the analog thermostat about a year ago claimed the furnace didn't have the right wiring to install a network-enabled one I had bought. The Nest was installed in about an hour, online, and registered with the phone app and Google Home.Atlas-Trillo, highly recommended. The price was less than expected.

Email from doc saying if my temp was >100, come in for another lab test. It was, I did. Initial results came in, there's an infection, but lower grade than before. Maybe another E. Coli batch, but I won't get culture info till tomorrow night.

Stopped by the ATM, then back home, Finished binge watching, shut down the macbook at 5:30.

Lunch was a lox on rye sandwich, dinner was chicken soup.

Pharmacy doc emailed that the Hgl monitor is only for Type 1's, and he finds no evidence that cannabis extracts help with sciatica pain.

Ordered a round table for the model RR tracks. It will probably go behind the recliner.

Got the Verizon Samsung and unlocked Huawei phones erased and ready for sale. Need to take pix.

Plans for tomorrow:
Bay area photo shoots, drop off a calendar
BB&B, soda stream exchange & syrups
Maybe set up new gate after cat swap