March 4th, 2018


Got A Lot Done And It's Still Early

And I started late. 11 am or so.

Ironed all the Hawaiian shirts and a couple of allegedly perma pressed shirts which had wrinkly collars.

Skipped a couple of meals.

Swiffered the bathroom, then started on the kitchen. Halfway through the handle snapped off. Amazon, ordered a new one. And also OEM Roomba brushes and brush cleaner tool.

Spook was on the top tier of the cat tree in the guest room, so I moved furniture and carried the linen rack from the piano room to the bedroom. She was still there, so I started moving the tree, cat and all, into the hallway. She just fit under the door jamb. As I pulled it down the hall, she carefully made her way a tier at a time to the floor.

It was a bit of a haul, but now the tree is in the piano room, near the cat stairs/2-tier platform which is her porch guard post. She did not waste much time taking ownership of the relocated, tall tree. But she also has been hiding under the futon in the guest room, and plopped down on the floor there too.

She doesn't miss Zoe at all. No crying, moaning or the other stuff Domino did when Pumpkin was gone forever. She is all about reclaiming space she once had sole ownership of (I don't count).

Ran the dishwasher. Spent way too long over a hot wok caramelizing onions, adding mushrooms, garlic and stirring in garden fresh oregano, rosemary and Thai lime leaves just long enough to impart flavor, then plucking the bits out. I now have three single-serving tubs of it, one in the fridge, two in the freezer.

Finished the last brownie, made another batch.

Watched some of the NFL combine on Tivo, quarterbacks. Two things:
1. The announcers add nothing, and they never stop blabbing. They need to be removed
2. Show me the action at the combine, not legacy clips of NFL games showing legacy combine participants

Kaiser online, tried to order insulin pens my diabetes doc put on my list, but got a "no can do, phone us Monday" message. It looks like he ordered 100-unit pens when they are really 300 units.

Lots of duplicate messages from ThaiLovelines. Time to nuke that account.

Phoned my Baltimore sister, her power is back on. Used my way too expensive BT noise canceling headphones, first time with the Pixel phone. They worked fine.

Went to the local Peet's/Specialties at 4:30 for 5 pm meetup with Janice. Paired the headphones with laptop, they worked fine. Played some YouTube favorite songs. Janice was 10 minutes late, unlike her. She's usually 5 minutes late. She forgot how far away I live.

Next weekend she is on a tour to Bhutan.

I was hoping to hear her review of Black Panther, but she didn't go. The kid she was taking bailed on her. I'd have gone anyway.

Home, snacked on sheep cheese & wafers. Ate a brownie a la mode. Watched more NFL blather. Am not impressed with the passing skills of most of the QBs, very impressed with some of the good hands receivers.

Plans for tomorrow:
Call Kaiser, straighten out the meds thing