March 6th, 2018



Dental cleaning this afternoon, I was concerned that some gum pain below two teeth might mean I need a new crown.  X-rays don't penetrate crowns, dentist said she would have to cut the top of it off to see if anything was going on inside, and then make a new crown. Time consuming and expensive, and looking at the X-rays, not warranted. The pain isn't psychosomatic, it's just psycho.

Got to bed at a reasonable time last night, woke up a couple of times for no reason. 7:30 alarm brought a Spook visit.

On the road at 8:45, but back roads traffic was slow. No reason,  people just driving 30 on a 45mph street. Grrr. And three traffic light cycles to make the turn at IFH. So, a little late to work.

No event in the break room building, lots of bananas, small ones.

As I was eating breakfast, got a request to follow up on yesterday's bug, this time on the "master" build. FAIL, because the master build locks out the diagnostic connection. Had to do that "push the reset button while plugging it in" thing to get that connection restored, and then flashed a more forgiving build. Reproduced the bug in record time. 

Lunch was teriyaki beef steamer, brownie and tangerine.

Back to the hole for half an hour, then to the dentist, who is near where I used to work, but not near where I work or live now. So after the session I poked my head into the bar next door which is owned by someone I used to work with at HP, but she wasn't there. They have Karaoke on Tuesday nights, but it was way too early to hang out till then.

Instead I went to Fry's, which is about half way home, and dragged myself around.  Needed a battery voltmeter, bought one,  but also spent a lot of time looking at PC components and thinking it is maybe time to build a new one. The latest CPUs are obscenely expensive. So is memory. But hard 10TB drives are affordable and SSD drives are getting there. I may go on HP and Dell web sites to see what it would cost for a pre-built. I like the HP server they gave me for work, all modular, no tools needed. HP PCs used to be total crap, but no longer.

Just before getting on the checkout line, I had a low blood sugar episode, so I found where they hid the Liberty Orchards jellied fruit snacks and bought 2 small boxes. Domestic & tropical. Ate most of the domestic on the drive home. Forgot that those sugar powdered cubes stick to my dentures some. But not enough to prevent eating them.

Home, Hgl was 91, must have been way low at the store.

Had 2 scoops of fudge brownie ice cream just in case.

Charged the car at Fry's, but only got about 1/4 charge. Home, my charger is misbehaving again. Looks like it is the handle. I may need to make an appointment to have it looked at. But that takes months around here.

Email from La Cage producer, can I attend a chorus make-up rehearsal Sunday morning? That would be in addition to the rehearsal in the evening.

Email from my former contract rep, when can we get together? I suggested lunch Thurs or Fri.

Dinner was steamed pork buns, which turned out to be horrible, need to not buy that brand again, and also steamed some of those mini ravioli, and yes, they do turn grey. Gak. Brownie and popsicle for dessert.

Watched an episode of Graham Norton, FFed through Beach House, pre-deleted The Bachelor -  the result was on UPI's web site, and it wasn't pretty. He called off the engagement, but there has been no word on whether the runner-up was asked to marry him. I don't care, when he ditched the "missing" girl he lost my vote.

Also losing my vote today was the one woman running for CA governor from a major party. A friend has been strongly supporting her, going to her events and posting rah rah things on FB. Today he posted his action committee's lineup of candidates they support in the primaries, and someone accurately noted that the blurbs for each of them were mindless aphorisms, and asked "where's the beef?" so to speak. My friend said the deep thoughts and platform was on the web site. I asked for the link, he gave it to me, and in 3 minutes I found two sentences which were nonsense. As in, nobody had proofread the site. The candidate is running on her strong educational background, but looking at her web site, she's functionally illiterate. And sloppy. Turns out her one stint as State Superintendent of Public Instruction was an elected one, no qualifications needed. 

And it's an ugly web design.

Plans for tomorrow: