March 8th, 2018


My shirt is a mess

Slept well. Spook spent a lot of time on the bed just before the alarm went off, sometimes head butting my hand, sometimes curled up by my feet. She's been more needy lately, maybe she does miss Zoe. Or something.

Up and out so early that I was already in the parking lot when AG called at 8:30. He was driving to work instead of to CalTrain, and had gotten as far as San Thomas, which is only about 1/4 of the way to his new Palo Alto site. He had invited me at the last minute Sunday to his son's birthday party, but I was expecting to have a rehearsal so I missed it. They had it at a community center, and it sounded like a good 8-year-old's party. He's too big for a bounce house, but they had a basketball court.

Too early for bananas, I grabbed a tangerine instead. In the hole there was nothing to do. Boss was dentisting again.

At about 10:30 I went back to the break room and grabbed a banana and Kind bar.

Lunch was beef merlot steamer. There was a conference of pretty women in the room across the hall, lots of eye candy while I was lunching. Some very expensive boots, and one very tall woman was wearing black suede spiked heels on a shoe which looked like a boot had been re-designed in ankle length.

No new work came in. I amused myself with obsessing over renditions of that Dylan song again, and then 49ers NFL Combine news, and then browsed pictures on an alleged Thai women in California dating site. It's free, I used one of my spam-catcher email accounts to sign up. When I told it to show me women within 100 km of me, it filled my screen with photos of women in Nigeria. When I told it to show me all women, it showed some within 10 miles of me, along with Nairobi, Lagos and some other African cities. Then a few here and there around Thailand, and Philippines. Just for grins I "hearted" ♥ several and sent a few "nice photo!" messages. So far no responses.

The ThaiLovelines site had been spamming me with multiple identical messages from the same 5 women, so I emailed them asking how to delete my account. No response. But the email stopped. I may actually have disabled it.

What I really want is to meet someone nearby who speaks Thai. 

Yesterday finally emailed the manager of the local big band radio station pointing out that they are no longer the only one in the Bay Area. I doubt if that's the reason I haven't heard that promo again.

5:45, time to go to BB&B to exchange sodastream cartridges and buy some gold Diet Cola syrup. Then to Costco because I am almost out of walnuts, and they reduced the price of a 3-lb bag from $20 to $15. Online it's $24. Also got pistachios, even though I still have half a bag, and real stuffed cabbage (Grandma's recipe) and another $100's worth of stuff. Totally forgot to look for bread or right guard.

Home the long way.

Lots of unloading to do. Delivered was the swiffer, which I'll unbox later, two meds (insulin pens arrived yesterday in insulated cold pack) three boxes of Kind bars and a box of Roomba accessories (brushes).

Dinner was one of the giant BBQ ribs, with a croissant. Dessert was a root beer float with mint chip ice cream.

Watched PTI, and then the whole Bachelor finale, because the UPI write up lied. Sort of. It said the break-up was not till the final hour, but it was right at the start. Thank goodness for Tivo's skip function.  I was very happy to see "missing person" contestant there, I was hoping she would be the next bachelorette, but it didn't happen.

Spook is enjoying having the formerly guest room cat tree in the piano room, she has discovered she can jump to and from it from the shorter cat platform by the window, it's a jungle gym.

Plans for tomorrow:
Lunch with former rep.
Sync with boss? probably not since she was getting a crown re-done today
Manicure (I forgot today)
Maybe drive to Cupertino to see The Shape of Water it has already left the two nearest theaters