March 25th, 2018


Impulsive Catterday

There was no real plan for today, except look online for a cat, and maybe go to the waning hours of Consonance.

Sleep was deep when it happened, two or three pit stops, Spook was on the bed briefly at about 9, maybe earlier. The pacemaker makes it awkward to sleep on my side, and I don't like sleeping on my back, even with the head raised.

I took my time getting started, ran a load of laundry and the dishwasher. By the time I was ready to go out, it was too late for the con, so I browsed listings for cats on a web site which finds pretty much all of them nationally, letting me filter for the ones close by, male, adult. But I've seen most of them before, between HSSV and Dancing Cat. There were a few at other no-kill organizations which don't have a formal shelter, the cats are in foster homes.

All of them were either bonded pairs, didn't play well with others, or needed outdoor access.

At about 2,  on a complete lark, I drove to the local PetSmart, which has a small cat adoption section. This month the cats were from the Friends of Madera County Animal Shelter, and there were only 4 of them. A bonded pair of blue Siamese kittens, a female B&W furball, and this stunning leopard spotted, tiger striped silver and black male.

It took about 20 minutes for someone to come and let me meet this cat, named Theo. Good enough name, vague enough. As soon as I stuck my hand in the cage he wrapped it around his  head and purred. And stretched out for more. I was hooked. He's about 2 years old, 12 lbs, very strong and long. Definitely a Bengal, though maybe slightly mixed.

I had not brought a carrier, and their boxes were too small, so I bought a carrier (they were on sale) and the staffer took quite a while to put all the screws in. Must have been a dozen. Meanwhile Theo walked between his two room sections and my hand.

It was 3 by the time I had signed the papers, paid the fee, paid for the carrier and was out the door.

Theo was silent until I stopped the car at home, and then it was just a brief meow.

Spook was in the carport window, she followed us into the guest bedroom. I set the carrier on the futon, Spook slowly approached, getting nose to nose with Theo. One of them hissed, and Spook backed off. I had to chase her out from under the futon.

I set up food, water and litter, let Theo out, and he darted around the room, finally hiding under the futon.

Best let him be.

About every hour, I went inside, found where he was hiding, reached out to pet him and he came out to pet and purr and stretch out. He is a very beautiful cat, almost matches the leopard pattern on the futon bedding.

Those eyes...

Camo cat

Spook has mostly carried on with her usual haunts, parking outside Theo's door from time to time. I won't introduce them until Theo is comfortable out in the room, as opposed to under the futon or on the window sill behind it.

The last visit, I managed to draw him out enough to find the food, which he attacked like he had not eaten all day (he hadn't). 

My dinner was a chunk of turkey thigh and mushrooms & caramelized onions, and two slices of rye bread. Popsicle for dessert. Lunch was beef merlot steamer & half a brownie.

Re-watched Emma Gonzales' speech from the march in DC yesterday. She is one strong, brave individual, I hope she goes a long way.

Did not take out the garbage bins. Almost a week in hospital cuts down on the garbage.

Delivered was the BT scale, no other functions, and it worked fine.

I stopped this morning's full backup of my media drive to try to update the BIOS, but the flash program didn't recognize the BIOS file, so I gave up. May retry some other time. Bottom line is the backup is still only 70%, will let the machine run all night.

Plans for tomorrow:
Leave at about 3 for 3:45 Cardio appointment.
Home, cats.