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April 14th, 2018

Catching up - Friday

Getting stronger little by little. My left leg is still weaker than my right, but did not need the cane at all, just had to remember "posture!" and the occasional Tylenol.

Skipped the morning shower because Thursday night required one. TMI excluded.

To work early because on the road earlier. And remembered to stay in the commuter lane until after the cluster fork in the road.

Expected call from wellness coach was 10 minutes late and kept disconnecting because she was on a crap connection up in Vallejo. I refrained from mentioning her book, because the rules she laid out for Kaiser wellness coaching only allowed her to counsel me on losing weight, stopping smoking, stress reduction and increase activity. My weight loss is on track, I never smoked, I'm not stressed and the pacemaker severely restricts my activity level. She offered Meetup as a way to maybe find people to hang with, which was the only good idea which came out of the session. And that was beyond her charter. So no more of these coaching sessions.

Nothing to do all day, so I updated a device and it bricked. :-(

Watched some I Can See Your Voice/Thailand which mostly had horrible singers, but for a change the woman in the most ornate costume, whom they saved for last, knocked it out of the park. Turns out she is a professional Thai classical dancer/singer. Pretty blue eyes, very tall, probably has American or European ancestry.


The first singer is the guest star judge, he sings two verses then the contestant takes it. The people on the left are the regular judges and the guys on the right are members of the singer's band. The pause just before she sings show whether the judges think she will sing poorly (piang) or beautifully (praw). They show the start of her singing twice so you can see the judges' reactions. The confetti should be self-explanatory.

Home at 5:30, traffic was okay, took 101 at Ellis to the IFH.

Plugged in the car, intending to make grilled cheese sandwiches for dinner, but found I didn't have the right cheese or bread, so I unplugged the car and bought some at Grocery Outlet.

Made two sandwiches, one on sourdough one on rye. Sharp cheddar and Swiss and lots of melted butter. They came out delicious. Mochi for dessert.

Watched PTI and the 6 o'clock news, which was interrupted by Trump's Syria bombing speech. I was impressed. First, that he got both Theresa May and Emmanuel Macron to sign on, without leaking it ahead of time. IMHO this is the kind of response which was needed, especially so close to Yom Hashoah. I don't think the war powers act requires pre-approval by Congress for something this timely.

"The War Powers Resolution requires the President to notify Congress within 48 hours of committing armed forces to military action and forbids armed forces from remaining for more than 60 days"

Watched PTI as well, went to bed at 10:30, not feeling awake enough to make a journal entry. Set the alarm for 7 since the appraiser was due at 8, and I wanted to at least swiffer the kitchen floor and make the bed.

Plans for Saturday:
Up & shower early
Appraiser 8-9
Finally remove the RAID array and replace it with the single 8TB drive
Janice @ 5
BB&B soda stream exchange & some other items

Back in the Saddle again

But it wasn't easy**

Up at 7, showered and dressed, swiffered the kitchen floor, sprayed Glade or some such in the kitchen & laundry room where Spot had pooped his usual highly aromatic signature dish. Made the bed. Put last week's sheets in the washer. Printed a check for the appraiser.

Glen The Appraiser arrived exactly on time, in a silver late model muscle car. I pulled my car forward a bit so he could get his off the street.

He did a walk-around, taking pictures and making audio notes. Or maybe it was speech to text. Then he came inside, met Spot, got a glimpse of Spook running for cover, and toured inside taking photos and dictating notes. Gave him his check and a printout of a spreadsheet detailing my home improvements.

It only took about an hour, he said he would expedite getting his report to the lenders.

After a little procrastination, ** I pulled all the wires off the PC (Spot "helped"), hauled it up onto the office work table, took off the covers and removed the RAID controller, the 4 RAID drives and cables, then installed the 8TB drive, connected its power to the same line as the boot drive (SSD) and a data cable which was connected to the motherboard but not a drive.

Covers on, wires connected, powered up, no 8TB drive.

Back on the table, looked at everything, didn't see a problem, tried again, still no drive.

Back on the table, swapped power & data connections with boot drive, just hooked up the monitor and A/C, and it saw the 8TB drive but not the boot drive.

Back on the table, looked closely, saw the data cable was connected to a different bank than the others. There was a free one, but it was underneath, I had to move some wires out of the way to get the cable connected to the active bank. Closed it up, connected all the wires (by now I had the office door closed to keep out Spot, who loves to bite wires and drag them around). Pushed the power button, and nothing happened.

Back on the table, Flashlight showed that in the process of moving the wires, I had popped off the connector from the front panel to the motherboard, so no switch action. Fixed that, closed it up, reconnected everything, and I had both drives working.

But the 8TB drive was R: (from when I did the copy) and it needed to be E:

Disk manager would not let me make it E:, it wanted it to be F: or above. Turns out that what had been F: (a CD drive) had become E: when the E: array was removed. Made it F: again, and was able to make the new drive E:.

And that all worked except Xcopy had made all the files on E: read-only. It took about 20 minutes of cranking in This PC to fix that.

So now it's all good, and if I missed any data it's not obvious.

And it boots up faster and responds faster (RAID controller slows down boot-up, and RAID array has to poll 4 drives to retrieve data).

Just checked tomorrow's backup settings, and yeah, it had switched to C:, so now it's pointed to E: again. It may do a full backup.

Watched some TV, refilled one of the hummingbird feeders, put the sheets in the dryer, did a load in the dishwasher, enjoyed the fresh air, flowers & birds from the front porch. Watered the porch plants. Went online to the microchip site and renamed Spot.

Lunch was grilled cheese on Jewish Rye.

5 pm, coffee with Janice at the Starbucks near BB&B. Her tablet is misbehaving, mostly  because it is old. I promised to see if any of my old ones were newer.

BB&B, got some soda stream syrups, found some bag clips I have been looking for, got a knife sharpener for $50 instead of a good 10" chef's knife for $120. And exchanged an empty SS Co2 tank for a full one. The one in the kitchen unit is about half empty.

Petsmart, bought a cat claw trimmer. I used to have 2, I remember tossing 1. Could not find the other.

Home, delivered was Pradaxa and Atorvastatin, and my mortgage receipt.

Gathered up all the boxes and they are cluttering up the nook in the kitchen till I break them down tomorrow. Took the sheets out of the dryer & put them away. Unloaded the dishwasher.

Found three tablets for Janice, but one is identical to hers. Two are one release newer, one is larger than hers, the other may be smaller. She's welcome to either or both. Email sent.

Steamed 4 pork buns, two steamer type, two baked type. Next time need oyster sauce for the steamer ones. I may have some, somewhere. A1 would also work.

Lactaid chocolate ice cream with nuked frozen strawberries for dessert.

Plans for tomorrow:
Retire the guest room litterbox, cat bed & toys
Bayshore park if the weather be good. Sit & read
Haircut (???)
ATM (deposit Kaiser $10 refund check)
Maybe Janice will visit & claim a tablet

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