April 23rd, 2018


Resident of All He Surveys

Late start again, missed AG's call because of it. No shower either. The area around the pacemaker is looking too red to me, not infected as much as irritated. Probably should put a dressing over it for daytime, now that the tape over the stitches has fallen off.

Grabbed breakfast. Two big buses in my parking lot, but no one delivered to my break room.

In the Hole, automation test ran to completion, 50+ hours. Sent the results to the appropriate manager. He wants to have it run weekly on the latest release. It took some hunting, but found one from Friday and set up to run it, just to see. It bombed out the first time but was running on a second try when I left.

Lunch was Saffron Road basil fish w/pasta. Not bad. Fruit chunks for dessert. Had to use a knife on some of them.

Back to the hole, watched some YouTube, and followed the latest terror attacks on the news pages. I know it's tragic, but Waffle House Killer somehow doesn't sound as dire as it should. And I'm not going to even comment on Canadian rental van killer.

The big news amongst my theater friends was this message from one of the most accomplished sopranos currently active:

Sierra Boggess Official

Last week, it was announced that I will be singing in a concert of West Side Story at Royal Albert Hall for the BBC Proms in London. Because it was a concert presentation and not the show proper — I had signed on to lend my voice to honor Leonard Bernstein in his centennial this year, with an orchestra I have loved singing with for years, following in the long list of sopranos who have all sung the score before me.

After much reflection, I've realized that if I were to do this concert, it would once again deny Latinas the opportunity to sing this score, as well as deny the IMPORTANCE of seeing themselves represented onstage. And that would be a huge mistake. Since the announcement of this concert, I have had many conversations about why this is a crucial time, now more than ever, to not perpetuate the miscasting of this show. I apologize for not coming to this realization sooner and as an artist, I must ask myself how I can best serve the world, and in this case my choice is clearer than ever: to step aside and allow an opportunity to correct a wrong that has been done for years with this show in particular. I have therefore withdrawn myself from this concert and I look forward to continuing to be a voice for change in our community and our world!

Let's hope the producers reach out to one of the many Puerto Rican divas they overlooked the first time.

My reverie was interrupted by a local phone call, turned out to be a survey about Sunnyvale and the November city council races, which have not even started. I think the deadline to file was last week. It was a call center, and I could hardly hear him because the woman next to him was screaming her questions. Many of the questions were bent to elicit useless answers. Many about housing, none had the right answer, which was bulldoze the $4000+/month units and build affordable housing in its place. And apply rent control. And enforce building codes & maintenance laws.

Home, traffic was miserable all the way. IFH was a 10-minute wait.

Delivered was my Amazon subscriptions - Werther's sugar free caramels, Friskies treats. Now that Spot has discovered he likes them, I'll need the extra jar.

Voicemail from mortgage broker that they have Fedexed the papers to me. I probably won't get them till after work tomorrow.

Watched PTI and Lost Lives. Very interesting LL - a 48-year-old man who just found out he was adopted. His adoption parents had died, but he didn't get the word until an aunt's funeral when another aunt told him. Apparently his brother also knew. He looked a lot like his adoption family. They found his birth mom living in the same city.

Tuna helper for dinner. Not bad. Spot jumped into the kitchen sink to lick the empty tuna cans, so I set them by the food tower for him. Have one serving in a container in the fridge.

Spent Quality Time with my college newspaper string book, and discovered I had never written an article about someone who ended up running the U community center. I'd written about a dozen articles on its founding and renovation, but by the time Bob took over I was on other assignments. I vagueposted on FB, maybe the woman whom I think married him will see it and speak up. She's an FB friend, but her married name is not his. And not her maiden name.

Plans for tomorrow:
Up on time
Call AG
Phone appt with my doctor