May 1st, 2018


Short because I don't feel too good

Spook is holding her own, but I wish Spot would leave her alone, especially at 4 am.

Up early, getting ready for cardiology appointment. Just as I was flipping over the calendar to May it dawned on me my appointment is for May 2. Got to work half an hour early.

Watched movies on the European STB. Lunch was Beef Merlot steamer and cantaloupe.

Back in the Hole, boss changed our sync from 3:30 to 5. I called Middle Sister and we chatted about her visit tomorrow. At 5, Boss changed sync to "after I have some tea" which turned out to be 15 minutes. She brought me the box I had expected Thursday. And was very surprised to find I had zero boxes with the latest version to test with. So I'll be doing an inventory sheet.

She was okay with me bringing sister here. Yay.

Next door engineer came by to borrow a Pixel phone to check out a 3D visor he's thinking of buying. He came back loving it. I tried to tell him he could buy a lot of nachos with that $$ but he doesn't like nachos.

Home, horrible traffic, even with the 5:45 launch time.

Nothing in the mail, nothing delivered. Ordered more litterbox cartridges, scharffen-berger chocolate and widgets for the Roomba. And big band aids.

Watched PTI and the news, dinner was grilled cheese on sourdough.

Filled the cat food tower. Last night I cleaned and refilled the water fountain and made a mess. Water everywhere. Had to break out the string mop.

Plans for tomorrow:
cardiology appointment
Sister should arrive shortly after I get home. Spot will probably meet her, Spook will probably hide.