May 10th, 2018


Time Shifted for my convenience

Did not get to sleep till 4 am. Worst insomnia in ages. No apparent reason. Woke up at 7:15, Spot wanted to play fetch with a giant zip tie. Very uncomfortable to roll over on, so I threw it. And he brought it back. Instantly. He is very fast.

Took my time online and packing lunch but made it to work just after 9, the backup was much lighter than at 10 the other day. Pretty stupid to tell people to come after 10 when the event starts at 10. Come at 9 or earlier.

Once again no real work to do, watched the I/O live stream and it was mostly coding tweaks. The developers liked a few of the improvements, others such as predictive error correction not so much. The Google geeks seemed to think that we all want the phone to make decisions for us, but not me. Especially since your prediction model is not mine, or even close to it.

There were some interesting presenters, including a very attractive, articulate woman with a stump where her hand might have been. Looks like a birth defect, similar to some I saw my sister working with in her psych projects. To balance that was another young woman who gave what I'd describe as an airhead session, lots of perky enthusiasm and her graphics looked like my grade school fridge drawings. And I think I flunked grade school art. She tried oh so hard to sound like an ace coder, but somehow I doubt it.

And of course there was the usual sprinkling of engineers with thick accents and no public speaking talent. Luckily most of those showed slides of code snippets which did not need explanation.

Next room neighbor came over to borrow the test phone, but it had been locked by the automation test, and I had no clue what the password was. So I put a new build on and skipped the lock routines. He's using it to see if he wants to buy a 3D viewer which needs an Android phone source.

Breakfast and lunch were both crowded, lunch was meatloaf and cantaloupe. The woman with the baby was there with two of her friends, and almost drove me crazy. A friend was holding the baby, but mom kept rocking the empty stroller.

5:30, took the route by Hole 2 to avoid the bad traffic handling, and got to the nails place in record time. It gave me a chance to check out three new eateries next to Safeway. I went back to my cute young nails person, because the old woman who did my nails last time at the other place used old yellowing acrylic. Now I have mildly sparkling gunmetal on silver.
Dinner was curried chicken wings & mixed veggies. Finished the last of vanilla and chocolate lactose free ice cream.

Watched PTI and the news. The female anchor has been wearing black all week. Usually she is brightly dressed. Hmmm.

Been having problems with Alexa and Google Home recognizing the Sonos speakers.  But if I just tell it to play a certain station on the office speaker it seems to work.

No Safeway stop, I shopped recently.

Home,  took a nap. Up at 9:45

Spot has been picking fights with Spook all evening. Spook let me carry her to the food dish where I'd put down treats. Spot came running, but I body checked him.  And sprayed him.

Plans for tomorrow:
Charge the car at Google Pear Ave and maybe grab dinner
Pear Slices at The Pear theater


Out on time, traffic was miserable but not as bad as 10 am Monday. Again. spent the day watching various live feeds from Google I/O. YouTube did a craptastic job of arranging to cover all 8 stages. One good thing is most talks started and ended on time. One bad thing is in the intervals, they tended to show the same interview on all the feeds.

Put the latest build on the test phone, and started running the automation routine. There were two builds on Thursday but none were marked as "dogfood" so I just picked the latest.

Lunch was tuna salad sandwich, lots of eye candy visiting. None with I/O badges, but there was a constant stream of those outside heading to and from the company store.

Orchard Supply after work for a wire brush to clean the cast iron griddle, which was a mess from the satay, and some wood stain to apply to the fading teak spirit house in the front garden.

Next stop, The Pear Theater, for their annual locally written one-acts Pear Slices. Eight this time:

Walk The Plank, which was set at a children's birthday party with a pirate theme. Kind of annoying was the fact that they mimed the children. Much more annoying was the playwright's ignorance about computers. Systems Administrators are not the ones who would have job security when jobs are automated, that would be AI experts & coders. I had just spent the afternoon hearing how Google's AI groups were doing just that. And "admin" is a secretary, not the head of a program - that would be a program manager. A systems administrator does not get promoted to admin.

Eagles in Heaven is grandpa barely reaching the camp site with granddaughter, and having a touching, moving conversation about getting old. Granddaughter was wearing a really cute T-shirt (sweat shirt?) showing cat aerobics. It got a little more schmaltzy at the end than it needed to be, but it was my favorite.

An Afternoon Tango a couple asks a lone woman to share a table at a tango dance hall. No spoilers, but suffice to say her costume and accessories telegraph that she is the kind of person the middle class couple spent the evening complaining about. Very topical, but also very transparent.

Stuck in the Middle Three hot dogs on the grill rollers in a convenience store manage to mirror all today's religious dogmas. Hot dogmas. Stunning job by dog on the left.

Intermission had a smaller choice of candies than usual, and $3 for a cookie seems out of line.

A Mind Full of Venom was a noble attempt to recreate a scene between Galileo and his chief church accuser, but it didn't ring true, and was hampered by blown lines and a lack of confidence by the fellow playing the astronomer.

Housemaster 3000 was a slightly amusing "what if" an automated home refused to open the pod bay doors, so to speak.

Helping Out Mrs G tried to tackle the subject of bullying, and had a very strong The Graduate feel to it. Mrs G came across as a lonely cougar in search of fresh meat. I'm not sure that's what the playwright intended.

Duelin' For Keeps is a fun parody on all the Western high noon scenes. It has a kind of O. Henry twist at the end.

Done at about 10:45, Home, made something for dinner.

Plans for Friday:
Work, less traffic because I/O is over
Urology appointment after lunch