May 13th, 2018


Trout for Dinner (the fish, not Kilgore)

Yesterday's Plan A became today's. Up on time, sort of, got out my dinosaur knapsack and stuffed it with a tuna salad sandwich**, water, my Nikon and the Tamron zoom. Already had fishing gear in the hatchback of the car. Drove out to Ed Levin Park in Milpitas, paid the $6 parking fee (this time there was an actual human to receive it) and during the course of the day I went over to the hang glider landing area, then walked entirely around the lake, with a couple of stops to collect moss onto a fish hook and lots of stops to take pictures.

The last time I went it was the height of the drought, this time the lake was full and there were a lot of critters returning. I only saw two caught fish, and one big dead largemouth bass.

All the photos are here.

Some of my faves:

Parasail? Coming in for a landing

Hang gliders on parade

Great blue heron racing the geese

Great Blue Heron closer

Mallard and turtle like bumps on a log

different turtle, different log

The obligatory reflection photo

Left at about 1:30, somewhat sunburned. Next stop was Ocean Supermarket, one of the large Asian stores on that side of the Bay. They didn't have trout (which is what I had been hoping to catch). But they did have sesame oil, oyster sauce and my favorite green and yellow curry pastes. And chocolate mochi. Found trout at my next stop, 99 Ranch Market. Bought two large ones. They had already been cleaned. They offered to cook them, but I wanted to do that myself. Also bought some of their honey BBQ pork and roast duck. And frozen ha gow. And 4 fat bombs.

Home, put stuff away, discovered I already had both curry pastes. Mind like a steel colander. **tuna salad sandwich is in the fridge, I never got around to eating it.

Watched some Wicked Tuna, I have no idea why. Vegging out, I guess. Facebooked. Copied the photos from the camera to the PC to Flickr.

Outside again, pulled up the spirit house and applied stain. It came out darker than expected but stil ok. Then I couldn't find the hole for the post to plant it.

Took out the garbage. Pulled out a lot of bee's friends plants going to seed and poppies overgrowing the culvert. Filled a large recycle bin with that.  Ate two fat bombs.

Totally pooped, went inside to recover. Grilled up the trout. Spot was up on the counter as I chopped heads and tails off, he got flying lessons. Nuked some mixed veggies, and had half a trout and those while watching 1 Strange Rock. Chocolate mochi for dessert.

Took out the recyclables. Watered the gardens. Told Lee it did not look like rain.

Bagged the trout in three servings, and planted those in the freezer. Took the heads and tails out to the food scraps bin.

Plans for tomorrow: