May 19th, 2018


When I'm Bored I Spend $ online

Another mostly boring day at the Hole. Once again, Thursday's promised build never made it, maybe it'll show up over the weekend. If not I can punt with the almost-the-right new build results from yesterday.

Recruiter confirmed my Monday morning phone interview with hiring manager.

Since a week from Monday is a no-work/no-pay day, I shopped for 3-day vacations. Alaska air had a sale on flights from SJC to Kona, but hotels were way insanely out of anyone's price range. And there was also the possibility that the volcano would bork the flight schedules.

Santa Barbara, my usual go-to Amtrak destination, is on fire again. Or at least the hills are, and the last time I got caught in that it was not pleasant. I thought about Reno, but the 8 am return time kills that.

So it'll be Half Moon Bay, which I will drive to on a Saturday, stay overnight, be at the pier by 5 am Sunday and take a Salmon fishing charter. The hotel is walking distance from the boat, I think. And stay over again Sunday night, home Monday probably after some beach time & seafood lunch.

Lunch was tuna salad sandwich and cut fruit plus grapes. There was a HUGE gathering in the nearby conference room, with catered something. So many stunning women, including two of the organizers.

Headed out a little after 5:30, and instead of heading home and waiting half an hour for traffic, then going out to San Jose for the Skeptics' meeting/movie, I took the long way there on El Camino, which ate up more than an hour. Got there at 6:45, only the host was there. Only one other person showed up. Apparently there is a big skeptics/humanist convention this weekend in Vegas, and most of the regulars were there. One woman left a message on meetup that she couldn't find her driving glasses, so she was bailing. Sure.

It was an excellent movie. Trumbo. About a blacklisted Academy award-winning writer. As told through letters he wrote, read by big stars who owe some of their fame to him. He wrote Spartacus, Exodus, The Brave One, Roman Holiday, The Fixer, Kitty Foyle and more. An ancient Kirk Douglas, his son Michael, Donald Sutherland, Liam Neeson, Nathan Lane, Paul Giamatti, Brian Dennehy, Dustin Hoffman and more.  And lots of interview clips of the man himself, including his Congressional hearing appearances.

Well worth the drive, but disappointing not to meet more people. Maybe I'll try again in June, and a talk instead of a movie.

Home by 9:30, delivered were two boxes of Kind bars, a pair of retractable headphone cables for the server at work, and 3 more litterbox cartridges.

Taped up the one in the laundry room and threw it away, took the one from the bedroom which Spook hardly used at all and put it in the laundry room. Spot immediately dropped a bomb the size of Rhode Island. Smelled like Flint, MI.

Dinner was reheated trout (1/4 of a fish), instant mashed potatoes and the last of the cole slaw. Chocolate ice cream after.

On the webcam this afternoon I saw Spook at the kitchen food dish, which is major progress, but Spot chased her away after she was done eating. She's back in the guest room closet. 

Watched the adoption spin-off, This Is Life Live. Kind of awkward, poor audio engineering, but interesting stories. Similar format to the original, but longer segments and a lot more commercials.
Plans for tomorrow:
Find an audition piece for next week and work it.
Clean up the front garden some more
Admit defeat on the back garden, everything is fried. Basil, choclate mint, strawberries. Maybe I should plant sunflowers. Gotta research. Meanwhile the oregano, mint & rosemary on the carport garden can probably be harvested, at least a bunch of it.

What Hump?

Saturday, nothing at all on the agenda, so I stayed in bed till 10. Laundered the sheets & quilt. Forgot to have the one remaining banana for breakfast.

Mostly stayed camped out in front of the PC and the TV. Another episode of This Is Life Live. Glad that was the last one because it was way too long and plodding.

Lunch was some peanut butter from the jar.

Outside, cleaned up the front garden a little more, then got clippers and harvested oregano and mint from the carport garden. Spent more than an hour stripping the leaves off the oregano stems, and then the mint, and putting those in separate freezer bags. The roomba is positioned to clean up after that tomorrow morning.

Finally got stir crazy, and did some research which said lavender and a pretty yellow flower called Coreopsis were a match for the all-sun, all-the-time, amended soil where the basil and strawberries were frying. So off to Lowe's, got 3 lavenders and two each of different varieties of Coreopsis. I tossed all the fried plants into a shady corner, they may still be salvaged, then planted the 7 items in their place. The chocolate mint is still hanging on there, and an onion.

Two doors down, the house was taken apart, and two halves of a new one are in its place. The aluminum roofing is making thunder sound effects. I'll have to ask Louis what happened to the annoying and suspicious man who lived there. I saw no for sale signs.

Delivered was the jewelry kit. In the mail was another flyer urging me to vote to recall a judge who had given the bare minimum sentence to a rapist. I will be voting to kick him off the bench, on the theory that if the legislators had intended judges to be shielded from recall, they would not have made it an elected office. I personally have a hard time with the concept of elected judges and sheriffs.

Wanted to go to the opening of Hunchback at a local community theater, but it was sold out, so I have a ticket for tomorrow's matinée. Way too many people I know are in it. I almost did not go because the woman who screwed up my audition for La Cage stupidly took on a leading role in Hunchback when she should have devoted her time to producing La Cage. But she's only one of about 20 friends in the show.

Dinner was the other 1/4 duck, with rice, mochi for desert. While watching One Strange Rock.

Been having dizzy spells again. The pacemaker was supposed to fix that. BP has been erratic, mostly low.

Before I go to sleep I need to finalize what I'll be singing for Tuesday's auditions. Their follow-up email mentioned that they understood some people would not want to dance, and we should just tell them that at check-in.

Plans for tomorrow:
Get my butt out of bed at a reasonable time
Practice audition song