May 21st, 2018


Finally not so boring day

Got out late, AG phoned, stuck in traffic - which was unusually slow for even a Monday. Arrived at the hole just in time to check email and flash today's not quite the right release onto the test phone. Roku manager phoned at 10, we talked for half an hour. He did not seem very enthusiastic. I did not hear back from the recruiter, so probably not a "yes".

OTOH, my former Modis rep messaged asking for a resume, his new company does have a vendor relationship with Google, so that may save me.

Boss changed our sync to her building, which is a small PIA for me, but much smaller than her bailing every time. We'll see how that works tomorrow. I expect to meet Uma, the new slave.

Meanwhile, one of the manufacturers found a bug during their testing, and Boss asked me to try to reproduce it. I sort of did, but not the way they had tested it, so I started again after lunch. It seems to happen after 9 hours, so I'll know tomorrow morning. Meanwhile, after avoiding GOT, this test played all the gory scenes on the first test. The second test was a loop of many different resolutions, one of them was the last half of the 2016 NBA finals game 7. Gee thanks.

But the way they made that test run meant I couldn't finish testing the phone.

Lunch was Saffron Road Bi Bim Bop, which was pretty good but kind of small. Grapes for dessert. I need to make a supermarket stop for fruit. There was a visit by a group of women who were relatively attractive from the neck up, but had ginormous asses.

Out at 5:30, traffic was not bad. Grocery Outlet had strawberries on sale, and canned pears in light syrup. I also got some more lunch frozen meals. And frozen mixed tropical fruit, but that's not good for lunches. Too messy. And two bags of Jasmine rice.  And other stuff.

Home, delivered was something for the medical equipment which may make it usable. Will try it tonight.

Spent some time digging through my music library, decided on Sinatra's version of My Way for tomorrow's audition. Looking at the info sheet online, pit singer is probably the only part for me, they plan on being as black as possible on stage. And as dance-crazy as possible.

Spook came out a bit, but Spot is still being a jerk.

Last night's rice was mushy, good for soup/congee but not much else so I used the right proportions this time and made a better batch, but the cooker still didn't do the best job.

Dinner was another 1/4 trout, with sauteed mushrooms and green sweet pepper and minced garlic over it. Yummy. Mochi for dessert.

Watched PTI and the news.

Did not get a call from Cardiology, the system does not work.

Plans for tomorrow:
Work - check the test status, maybe finish the phone tests
Sync @ Hole #2
8 pm audition at the park where the Sunnyvale photo club meets.
Home, snack.