May 25th, 2018


Need to buy gas tomorrow. It's almost $4/gal

Up early, out of bed late, at work on time because I had packed breakfast and lunch, no trip across the street to start the day. Expected AG to call but he didn't.

There was work to do, YouTube "dogfood" vs released version testing. Found a show-stopper bug, wrote it up and as requested assigned it to Boss.

Set up the latest STB from Europe, this one is German. I watched Tomorrowland on Google Play Movies. Was quite taken with the child star, Raffey Cassidy.

Lunch was Chicken Masala, pretty good once I added cashews and sliced in a HB egg. Strawberries and cantaloupe for dessert.

Boss didn't call me to Hole 2 for some menial work she mentioned yesterday.

Got a clue from a theater friend on FB who hosts a lot of parties that Whole Foods gives chicken skins away for the asking. So after work that's where I headed. Almost went home instead, but there was an event at Shoreline which meant idiots directing traffic with all the lights flashing red. It really would work better to just let the lights do their job and have traffic control people there simply to keep the intersections clear.

Got to WF, butcher was new, he looked up to see how much they charge for chicken skin, discovered it's not on the price list so he asked how much I needed, I said "a pound" and he got some from the scrap bag and ripped some more from thighs and breasts, and gave it to me for free. I spent about 15 minutes in the store looking for something to buy, but they didn't have in stock what I usually get in the deli, and what they did have was insanely over-priced. So I walked out with just the freebie.

Home, delivered was a package of amulet holders, but instead of globes for 3D items, they were all meant for photos. FAIL.

PTI was not recorded, probably usurped to see the Warriors lose again. I'm pretty sure they are done for.

10 pm I drove out to Saratoga for pizza night, got there at half past but nobody I knew was there so I went back home. On FB saw a post from the host that he was watching TV, so he probably forgot. Or was going to be way late. I could have stayed, some theater folks with shows might have come by later but I have stuff to do tomorrow.

So I re-heated two slices of Safeway pizza, chased it with cola, and a popsicle. Watched an interview from last month of Jeff Bezos. When asked what he wanted as his legacy, he replied "World's oldest man".

Took the big cooler out of the shed, in case I catch a salmon this weekend. It's on the back seat, but I may put the seat down later. Made sure my fishing license was handy. Got my UW Alumni band (waterproof) jacket out. Will wear my Sharks jacket initially, and maybe a sweatshirt Sunday.

Plans for the weekend:
Get gas. I only need half a tank
Put camera, batteries, tablet, chargers in the dino pack
Drive to HMB in the afternoon
Check into the hotel and visit the boat
5 am or so to the boat. It opens at 5, departs at 6
Fish all day
Back to the hotel
Check out and drive home. Traffic will be horrible.