May 31st, 2018


More and Less Today

Mild insomnia, medicated with chocolate milk at 2:30 am. Slept like a log after that, partly thanks to no cat clawing at me. The alarm woke me totally by surprise.

Started a load of whites, shirts still in the dryer from 2 nights ago.

Traffic was sporadic on 101, the last 4 miles at the speed limit after a lot of stop and go. Pulled into the parking lot at 9, chatting with AG on the phone.

Grabbed most of breakfast (no eggs, most everything else in short supply). Had to dodge two busloads of middle school kids. They were sent to two big conference rooms, not allowed to poach from the break room.

Continued testing YouTube beta, until email from the bug tracker said it was a known issue, fixed in the next build. I'll believe it if I see it.

11 am no word from consulting agent. I phoned him, he mumbled something about the manager not being available today. If this had been serious he would have let me know ahead of time. So I'm writing this one off. Roku is also silent. I am not pleased.

Spent a lot of time trying to get P build onto the Pixel phone for the engineers next door. There is something called OEM lock which is set, and not easily removed. One of the guys managed to fix it, but it took almost all day. The work-around would have been to sign up for the beta release program.

Lunch was lemongrass fish, and assorted fruit. Lots of people working in the break room, but the kids were nowhere to be seen.

Home, traffic was worse than I have ever seen it, even on back roads. People not waiting for the intersections to clear before driving in. And motorcycles with hard saddlebags as wide as a car lane-splitting.

Grabbed the rent check and drove to the community hall to drop it off. Then to Grocery Outlet, but the parking lot was overflowing, probably people parking there to catch light rail on the way the the NBA finals across the Bay. So on to the Chinese market, for eggs and a couple of smaller items. They had fresh rambutan - big ones - for a reasonable price so I got two packages. Also a pack of chicken thighs to peel the skin from. Lots of locally skinned chicken on the shelves, but the butchers on duty only handle seafood. They did have lots of tubs of chicken livers, but I have more than I need already.

Home again, peeled the thighs, put the fruit and two cans of Thai iced tea in the fridge.

Spent some time in the guest room petting Spot, and showing him a toy he likes which was a little out of reach. Spook is still getting use to Spot-less living.

Email from the bank that my replacement card was on its way. Disconnected downloads from the old card in Quicken, and reset the account, which gave me all the downloads I was missing and about 1,000 more. And the account number. Which I cannot charge against till I authorize the physical card.

Watched PTI and another 45 minutes of The Bachelorette. Way too many guys for her to choose from, including someone she used to hang out with back home. And a guy in a chicken suit. I'll watch more later. Steak & rice for dinner, rambutan for dessert.

Three loads of laundry to be put away.

Plans for tomorrow:
Birthday message to AG
Flip the calendars
Box up 2018 coin set for sis