June 2nd, 2018


Catching up Friday

It was a busy day at work, the neighbors brought back my formerly bricked James Bond TV unit, with Android P installed. Many many tings no workie, lots of logs gathered. One bug filed. When tests fail, it takes a lot longer, so will finish on Monday.

Lunch was lemongrass fish. Strawberries for desert. Brought from home because the ones in the break room are mostly not ripe.

Traffic was not so bad going home.

Looking at the thingamajig in which I store onions and such, there was only one left and I needed at least 2, maybe 3 for the greeben and chopped liver recipes. Plenty of time before auditions Saturday to nip down to Lucky's. Grocery Outlet is closer but their produce is suspect. Especially onions.

No PTI, probably because of a game.

Watched another half hour of The Bachelorette, finishing the episode. I can't believe she gave the guy in the cheap chicken suit a rose. I was happy she sent away the guy she knew from home who never expressed any interest in her before. Marketing bozo, figures. She also sent away at least one other marketing phony. And a model who thought he would win on looks and clothes alone. Glad she kept the guy with the long hair and gladder she kept the NFL washout who used his practice team $$ to start a foundation to help kids with cystic fibrosis. I may not be recording the rest of the series.

Plans for Saturday:
Lucky's, buy onions
Audition for Cabaret at 2:30
Make greeben and chopped liver