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June 6th, 2018

Busy Morning, not so much afternoon

Walked to the community center and voted. I'd highlighted my choices the night before, but a last-minute TV ad changed my mind on Lt. Gov. None of my votes for major candidates will count, due to the new top 2 system. Out of 27 gubernatorial candidates, only the top two, probably both Democrats, will make it to the finals. Ditto the 11 Lt. Gov. candidates. I think that is whacked. Party by party is more fair, and ranked choice is a distant second. Top 2 is corrupt.

Turned out there were plenty of parking spaces, I didn't have to walk.

Back to the house, drove to Kaiser MV the long way (El Camino) because 101 and Central were a mess.

Checked in, they said they do EKGs by appointment now, but they had a spot open right now. Done by my PCP's regular nurse, a long-haired Pacific Islander guy.

Got it right the first time. Still have not heard from Cardiologist, who will decide how much of the new beta blocker I get, after he sees the EKG.

To work, pretty much a straight shot.

Did some more torture testing on YoutUbe and then fired up Twitch and watched a young woman in Scandinavia out on her bicycle heading for a blind date with a fan in the middle of the road.

Lunch was beef teriyaki steamer and grapes. Took some strawberries back to the lab for a snack.

Two phone calls from recruiters with FTE jobs. One with Google, the other with a posh audio mixer company which would be work from home, maybe eventually in SF. First one is probably the same job I didn't hear back from last week, not really an FTE job, but a FTE consultant working as a vendor. Second one looks to maybe be out of my league - I know enough about computer mixer apps to be dangerous.

3:30 went to sync, Boss was upstairs at her desk with earbuds plugged in even though I'd reminded her 15 minutes earlier I'd be downstairs at 3:30. I gave her an antenna for new helper, and she gave me the world's smallest STB to test. It's just a 2" square unit maybe 1/2" thick. USB on one end, HDMI mini on the other.

Back to The Hole, plugged it in and launched Twitch, which had my favorite channel playing. New box doesn't quite handle it.

Will run the full smoke test tomorrow, plus some low memory device tests from one of Boss' experts.

On the way home stopped off at Grocery Outlet, they did not have any yeast, and were out of the low sodium frozen meals I like. Bought a loaf of Jewish Rye.

Home, plugged in the car for half an hour, threw the sourdough into the Cuisinart and mixed it up until it jammed. No harm done, just no blade turning.

To the big Safeway and got all the things. Yeast, fruit, milk, Black Forest cake, frozen lunches, vegetable shortening (may be a reasonable schmaltz substitute).

Home again, made two chopped liver with greeben sandwiches on Jewish Rye. Talk about great childhood taste memories!

Added water and yeast to free the dough - took a lot of spatula work, that stuff is paste, not dough. It needs a lot more flour.

Watched PTI and almost an hour of The Bachelorette. The guy who won the obstacle course cheated several times, and then lorded it over the others as if he won fair & square. And then went crying to the nice lady when one of the others couldn't take it anymore. She's about to make the Wrong Choice™, I think.

I was wrong, she did give the male model a rose. And he's so full of it.

The yeasted glob did rise, but is still pasty. I added some flour, and topped it with more. Will see what a mess it makes in the morning.

Spot is back to attacking Spook, but she is perched atop the tree and bats him when he gets too close. And he gets off the piano when I look at him. He's learning. Last night he was a bother, playing with his catnip mouse in bed. If he does that tonight he's going to be locked up.

Plans for tomorrow:
Work, test the micro-thing
Figure out how to see the Hugo noms on the tablet's Kindle app.
Library at 7 for a talk on bees
Check the election results and weep

Micro testing

Up way late, at work even later because the last exit traffic was a cluster of epic proportions. Not a huge problem because I was going to stay late anyway.

Spent the day testing the micro STB, and except for the expected issues with too little memory it worked okay.

Lunch was a Safeway beef portabello thing and grapes. Some very brief eye candy appearances.

Almost got done by 6, have two more apps to try.

To Sunnyvale Library, 6:30 for a 7 pm talk, I was the only client. The room was 3/4 full by 7:10. Typical.

Very good photo talk showing up close the many varieties of bees in the area, most of them native. Speaker is a superb photographer, and knew his stuff both about the bees and the flowers they munch on. The 1-page, both sides handout is excellent. One side is bees and when to expect to see them, and the other is flowers and when they bloom.

And he has the same dilemma about poppies overrunning the garden while they are attracting bees.

Home, the last of the corn dogs and some mixed veggies. Black forest cake for dessert.

Watched PTI and some more Bachelorette.

No word from Cardiologist yet. He did say this med change is not urgent.

Forgot last night to mention I got email from the last audition, I am not called back. There is no way they would cast Herr Schultz without a callback, so I'm not in the show. That's all three of Sunnyvale's shows this season. I think I'm done.

Email from the contract agency asking where my time sheet was. I thought I filled it out as usual Friday. Messaged boss to see if she just hadn't approved it. Came home tonight and logged in and discovered I had not submitted it. Forgot all about it in the confusion over Pizza night, I guess.  So I did it, submitted it, came back and edited it to show billable hours, re-submitted it. Grrr.

Got a LinkedIn invite from someone who is friends with two of my favorite theater people, but I don't think I have ever met her, and her LI profile is almost blank, so I think it's phony. Her FB account also has very little about her,except those two friendships, and she has a child. Nuked the invite.

As expected, none of my votes counted. The slimy adulterer pretty boy vs the not as slimy as he could be Republican for Governor. I can actually see myself voting for the Republican. Not that he stands a chance. The bridge toll usury passed by a lot. Sad about that. One good thing is the judge was recalled by a 60% margin. I kind of think of his recall as being like someone whose first offense is a hatchet murder. After that, don't even talk to me about how great he was up until that point.

My friend the Libertarian candidate for Congress only got 2,000 out of 50,000 votes. Slimeball incumbent got about 30,000. And for Senate, Diane Feinstein, who has been part of the problem for 97 years got 110% of the vote.

None of this is an incentive to vote in November.

In cat news, last night I locked up Spot when he kept digging for toys in bed, under my back. I let him out this morning, Spook mostly held her ground, but is now under the futon again.

The sourdough has risen, and been forked down, but I think it needs oil. I have never heard of a bread recipe without oil.
plans for tomorrow:
sync? Nothing to sync about

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