June 26th, 2018


Crate Expectations

Late start again, Spot kept begging to be petted and stay in bed. That's my story & I'm sticking to it.

Got a call from an India guy living in DC with a bogus full time job offer. The job is paid as a full time consultant by his company in India though it is a contract job with a real company in Mountain View. It may be a vendor position, though, which means there is no 2 years and you're out rule.

At work, Boss went on a rant about how I'm a member of a google group she created, when last week google support told us contractors cannot belong to groups, they can only be on a group's email list. The "I've been doing this for 10 years" argument is invalid when they changed the rules June 1.

Lunch was beef merlot and strawberries. Several people working in the break room. A mentor sat down with a beautiful young intern with her mom & baby sibling in tow.

Back at the hole, I liberated the second of 4 TV sets from its' wooden shipping crate, and liberated the TV from the box in a box which I had liberated from its crate last week. I set it up and poked around a bit, and it's defective in a few ways Boss will not be pleased about. Could not run the Netflix tests on it because the model name in the firmware is not listed as a Netflix approved device. Boss knew about this, and it is being taken care of by some other manager.

Watched a lot of Twitch, mostly tornado chasers. No tornadoes seen, though there was almost one. There was a tornado which did some damage, but far from where the chasers were. At least one was in the same state. Two were not.

Snacked on PNB&J in a cup. And a ripe peach.

eMail from cardiologist saying to stick with the 120mg of new drug.
Collapse )
Home, delivered was the low-test insulin. I completely forgot my insulin pen at home today, that's the high-test stuff.

Saw Spook on the web cam in the middle of the livingroom floor playing with toys. That's good. Spot met me at the door, Spook was perched in the office tree, having peed in the doggie bed. Grr.

In the park slot was the rent bill, a little higher because of air conditioning gone wild. I deleted the pre-summer schedule from the Nest app, that ought to help.

Watched PTI and more of The Bachelorette They are in  Vegas, and got a personal tour of Wayne Newton's estate. Who kidnapped that chubby white boy and replaced him with a bronzed in-shape Native American? The segment was a disaster, because they had most of the remaining candidates write alternative lyrics to Danke Shane, and sing them to a live lounge audience. None of them could sing. None of them came up with anything worth singing. But the audience was drunk and they loved it. One guy was convinced he woud get a rose, an Emmy and a Tony for his stellar wretched performance, and when someone else got the rose he was all "I may as well go home". I'm pretty sure Becca has it down to two or three guys now. Not him.

Took the tighty whities out of the dryer & laundered the bedding. Spot helped strip the bed. Discovered in it was a tiny catnip mouse and a bottle cap (before it was washed). Also broke down the HUGE box which contained the big bag of cat food and the big box of kitty litter cartridges.

Dinner was baked chicken, mixed veggies and rice. Butter pecan ice cream, neat.

Plans for tomorrow:
Maybe go to the writers' meetup in MV