July 7th, 2018


I bought everything

Up at 9, did some web stuff before getting dressed and taking drugs. It was already 75° out at 11 when I headed for Fry's, and found a viable replacement for the non-lighted weather station/clock. This one is in color, uses A/C power, and not only has the clock and indoor/outdoor temp/humidity, it also has dual alarms which I probably won't use because both Google Home and Alexa can do that. As expected it did not pick up an atomic clock signal so I had to set the date & time manually. But the backlight has 3 dimmer settings.

On to Safeway, where I followed my list, but somehow kept putting things in my cart. Things which mostly should have been on my list. 18 eggs cost less than 12. Go figure. Somehow three slices of black forest cake got in there. And I went with the huge olive oil, which was less per oz than the smaller one on sale. No tangerines, and the strawberries were $3 more than at Whole Foods. 2 weeks worth of frozen lunches - found a couple of new ones with low-ish sodium. Breyers ice cream was on sale 2 for 1 so I bought 4. And butterscotch syrup for the butter pecan.

Hot weather meant a lot of exposed flesh in the store. Some of it very attractive, some not.

By now it is 95° outside according to my car, so getting home was a priority.

One of the items in the cart was cold fried chicken, so I had a few pieces of that for lunch and a slice of BF cake.

The sun glare tells me my efforts to clean the windshield have not worked, so I do need to fork out $26 for a car wash.

Spot snuck out of the house twice, and he made me pick him up to go inside. He's probably 20# now.

Spook fought him off three of four times, but she doesn't stay out of her hidie hole much even though she wins all the fights.

England won another FIFA game. Wow. 2-0. I only saw the score, not any of the match.

Watched the news, may change stations again because the new one is also following fires too much and their sports guy is a joke. Also on Tivo was two Match Game segments, I watched one.

5 pm met Janice in MV, she is recovering from surgery which rebuilt her left arm. She's doing okay, but is a bit tired. And she has taken her handsome doctor's advice and is cutting back on all her pickleball, hiking and high stress social work.

7-11 after because I wanted a glazed donut. Bought two, and a small Cheetos and one other cheese cracker snack.

Home, looked online for sourdough bread recipes, and they are all way too complex. Boiled down they are really just standard bread recipes written by OCD patients. The usual pattern is there: mix the dough, let it rest, add salt, let it double in size, punch it down and form it into a loaf, let it rise, then bake it. The difference is in longer times to do each thing, and higher baking temps.

Too late to get something started for tomorrow, though.

Dinner was half experiment - I took some over-salted fried shallots and tried to dilute them with mushrooms and leftover rice & beef stew. That created too salty stew. But I also heated up baked chicken thighs and had some cole slaw on the plate. And two slices of Jewish Rye. Butter pecan ice cream with butterscotch sauce for dessert.

Plans for tomorrow:
Car wash
Take down the flag
Maybe start sourdough bread making.