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August 4th, 2018

Okay, that almost went as planned

The ant traps greatly reduced the number of those tiny ants on the kitchen floor. They had been attracted to a couple of chicken cartilage pieces I'd left for the cats, who apparently were not interested.

Took my time getting lunch packed and my butt out the door. Took back roads to the Ellis 101 junction, which may have saved me a lot of stoppage because there wasn't a single car behind me as far as I could see, and only one black Scion or something else aerodynamically stoopid about 1/4 mile ahead of me almost stopped, trying to decide if he didn't get the memo and should take the next exit. He slowed down in the lane I wanted to be in, I passed him at 65mph.

But then reality bit, and it took 6 minutes to get off at my exit.

Had all my snacks in the cooler, so straight to the Hole.

After reading a bunch of email, plowed through the rest of my test cases, they all passed, and NP said hers did too. Done by 1 pm, project done. We hope. Will know Monday.

Lunch was beef broccoli steamer & strawberries. Out of diet coke, so had a diet mountain dew.

back to the Hole, took a photo of the not running HVAC machine outside and of my thermometer inside which read 79.9°. Apparently I was late coming back because some folks from away wanted to count their TVs in my room, the manager with them forgot to bring the lock combo, and they didn't want to wait around in the heat & humidity. Next time, tell me, okay? Added the images to the facilities ticket.

Turns out we were not done, I needed to re-run a test so I could tell Them in which step it failed. And take a video.

Boss was bothering me about the move, which is not till next week. Pissed me off because testing is the priority. I did not need the interruptions.

Did very little useful for the final hour. No Asia Twerp meeting, it's his Saturday.

Home, lotsa traffic.

Took a lie-down, made corn on the cob and reheated some baked chicken for dinner. Watched PTI and some of Below Deck.

Sent my BP and weight data to new cardiologist, She wants more blood, but I may not have time to leave work.

Wanted to get to the massage place around 9 to get my preferred person. She was busy, so was #2, and #3, who was taking out the garbage as I walked in, was it. Very light massage, not even close to one of the best. Almost adequate. I think I'll give that place a rest for a while.

Stopped off at Arco for 5 gallons. $18+. :-(

One thing I hate about the Ford is it has one of those cap-less gas tanks, which never makes a tight enough seal to use the automatic shutoff gadget.

Home, Spook was trying to come out to the litterbox and the food/water, Spot was harassing her. I sprayed him a few times, and he knows I'm mad at him, but he keeps doing it.

Watched the rest of Below Deck, and some of Happy Hour, because I needed ice cream. And greevin**. And a Kind bar. 

**The goyishe web sites call it greebens, but in our Ashkenazi household it was greevin. In Yiddish/Hebrew a B without a dot inside it is a V. In modern Hebrew the B is always a B, they don't write the dots. Except for children. And the Torah. The Torah scroll also has musical notations above the letters, which are not printed in the Torah books.

Ran a load of laundry - undies. Delivered today was the long-awaited pack of 6 more of those. Shirts & socks are in the washer now, headed for the dryer soon.

Ran a Photoshop image to scale of how my photos will fit on the two 3x4 boards I paid for, it looks like at most 18 will fit if they are all landscape. If I put in the two portraits that knocks off 1.

Ants are all gone.

Plans for tomorrow:
Maybe go to the park
Maybe shop at 99 Ranch for Longans.
Catch up on Tivo


Slept like a log. Got to sleep at about 1 am, next thing I knew it was 9. Nothing planned for the day, so I did nothing.

Okay, so I unloaded the dryer and put away the undies, and started a load of shirts & socks. And watered all the indoor plants.

Breakfast was a banana and a peach. Or maybe it was a nectarine. Or both.

Lunch at about 2:30.

I forgot to mention that the NFL Network station mysteriously started saying it was not authorized, so yesterday I called Comcast and they said that without any customer notification it was dropped from the cable package I had and moved to an all-sports package that I don't want. But since they will be carrying some NFL games, I want it. There was such an outcry that they gave me the new package ($10 a month) with a 3-month credit. Not nearly enough - football season lasts till 7 months from now.

Anyhow, checked that I had the NFL channel and they were replaying Sunday Night Football's hall of fame game and all the crap which went with the HOF induction.

Watched some mindless cop show and some other things which I dozed during.

Delivered was a package from Amazon, dry erase markers, USB C long cable and Inkjet 8163 labels. As I opened the door to get it, Spot launched past me. He wouldn't come back so I went inside and closed the door. As usual, he meowed his way back a few minutes later.

Hummingbird feeders needed refilling. Did that, Spot escapes again as I put them in place, but he stayed on the porch next to me when I sat in the rocker.  

Took the hot glue gun into the bathroom and attached the plastic hook which keeps becoming a cat toy. It holds the hand-held shower head out of the way when it's not being used, which is most of the time. Somehow I managed to get my pants wet. And underpants. Unplugged the glue gun and plugged the hair dryer back in to take care of that.

Late lunch was reheated chicken and boiled corn on the cobettes. Fruit for dessert.

Broke another glass. Second one this week. These are heavy 16 oz tumblers, it should take more than falling off the kitchen counter to break them. Luckily I have about 6 spares.

Around 7 decided to try the Mongolian BBQ down the block, and maybe poke my head into the massage place next door (for research purposes). Drove down Tasman to Lawrence, and got caught in a traffic jam. The traffic cretins had blocked off the two left turn lanes onto Lawrence as well as the left through lane, and made it right turn only onto Lawrence. WTF? They did this because there's a big game at Levi's, which is a couple more miles down Tasman, but there is no reason to block off the left turn to Lawrence - that just takes you away from the stadium. And of course the BBQ and spa are on that corner only accessible by a left turn onto Lawrence.

So I went to the big Asian restaurant by the Asian grocery, a mile up Lawrence. It was packed, as usual. They were out of what I ordered, so I got beef chow fun, which took half an hour to get to me. It was greasy and they used thinner than chow fun noodles, and not much beef.

Good thing I had the tablet with me and a novel loaded. I was sitting in a corner, my view was mostly blocked by people waiting for a table or for their to-go order. Sad, because there is usually eye candy.

Home via 101.

Watered all the gardens. Mars was a huge bright light in the sky, bright enough to see the reddish tint. Venus was a smaller white light a long ways to the left. Moon wasn't out. Watered the porch plants too. One of the Thai lime trees which got hit by some kind of bug or disease is growing new leaves, so I won't throw it in the recycle bin yet. But maybe I'll buy another.

Watched an episode of To Tell The Truth. And some of 48 Hours. While eating ice cream.  

For no reason I sat in the small recliner next to the sofa and Spook came out from under the coffee table to be petted. Spot jumped into my big recliner and watched.

Sometime during the day I changed the office litterbox.

Plans for tomorrow:
Maybe drive to South SJ orchid store which also has Thai lime trees.
BB&B MV for sodastream exchange and to see if they have a mango splitter.
Coffee with Janice nearby after
Maybe a Costco run.

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