September 3rd, 2018


Second Sunday

This time I went online and found a UPS store which said it was open today. It was closed. Will try again tomorrow. Probably.

On the way back, Target was only a few blocks, I bought all the things on my list, except milk because their prices were way too high. Pretty much the same price for lactose-free and lactosed.

On to the the ATM, deposited my ill-gotten gains and got some cash.

Next stop was Lucky's, which had regular 2% for half the price of Target, and the tough choice was paper or plastic. I prefer the paper containers. Also got some strawberries, grapes, tangelos and AA batteries. Bagger screwed up, put the strawberries on bottom, because the container fit. No room for the milk. I re-bagged it at the car, told him next time milk goes in first. Older gentleman, probably an after-work job, definitely untrained.

Home, put stuff away. Wheeled in the garbage & garden waste bins, the recycle truck had not come around. It didn't make it till after 4.

Kept my stream going most of the day, got zero views.

Found a channel with a really cute Thai girl playing DJ, singing along with current Thai pop songs. So I made it a favorite stream. Turns out it's actually a Japanese stream she was allowed to borrow for an hour. Un-followed it.

Didn't go to the movies. Didn't do much of anything. Tried to take a nap, but the cats were fighting too much. Spot has some significant new scratches. On the one hand I'm happy that Spook is defending herself, on the other hand I wish Spot would get the hint. 

Lunch was some peanut butter from the jar, a peach, and grapes. Dinner was steamed pork buns and mochi.

Watched another episode of Penn & Teller and To Tell The Truth. Watched some of the UW football game, I think they lost. Auburn. No surprise there.

Plans for tomorrow:
try not to walk out in a huff
I may be able to leave the UPS package at the work mail drop
Maybe a movie