September 18th, 2018


And it's only Tuesday

Out on time, but not before AG tried to call twice. He was taking light rail to work, which is another way of saying he was adding at least an hour to his commute. Probably more, because where he lives it means waiting for a change of lines.

But I did call back as I was pulling out of the driveway. He had an interview with Google, they were all about giving him programming quizzes. A truly stupid way to interview, and they told him he failed because he ran out of time on the final whiteboard question. He's probably a better programmer than all of them, but engineers love to force you to regurgitate what they were force fed in college.

At work, tried again with the upgrade of the European STB, and finally got instructions from the mfg, which didn't match the box. Turns out I was given the wrong device. Same name, different manufacturer. Euro manager had her knickers in a twist because I posted photos of the box which went to the mfg whose box it isn't, & they are competitors. I let her know it was her own fault, I sent her photos several times, she never responded with which one was the right one. Turns out none of them. NP sent her photos of two, one of which may be the right one.

No lunch today, just snacks because at lunch time I was out on the patio being phone interviewed by a manager at Oculus in Seattle. As I thought, he's actually a consultant with the company which is trying to make me one too. He says they are okay to work for, though sometimes the reps are annoying. He was at MSFT the same time I was, he actually saw them build the building I worked in.  But he was in hardware, I was in software.

It was a good chat, an hour went by without me noticing. 4:30, recruiter called with a Friday morning appointment for an in-person interview down at Facebook HQ. It will take me as long to get there as the interview will last.

Boss came in at 5, told me the Netflix test on the TV is a go - they got me unblocked in the database. So I set up to test, and started the automated tests to run overnight. Will do the manual tests tomorrow and probably also day after. Euro box will have to wait, unless Boss gives it to NP.

No live streams from storm chasers today. Played a lot of solitaire & tile matching. Snacks were ngaw and lamyay and Kind bars.

5:30, parked at *$s, recharged my laptop (it loses charge big-time when not in use) and updated Windows a couple of times. Also answered a survey on the last cat I adopted.

Fedex tracking claims they tried to deliver a package from Jetdotcom which for some reason required a signature, but they are lying. No note on the door, no evidence they were even in the area. Doesn't matter, it can go back to Jet - they know not to require a signature from me. So does Fedex. I found the item on Amazon for half the price (most of the price was the co2 cartridge, which I don't need). Also found what Jackson Galaxy calls a disruptor. It's a can of air with a motion sensor trigger on top. Going to try to keep cats off the sofa with it.

Home, opened the latest Amazon box, a food tower which dispenses measured amounts 3x a day. It has a huge opening on top for pouring the food in, and holds 5 liters. After I programmed it, and set it in place, the battery cover on bottom popped off so I had to program it all over again. Set it to dump 4 cups at 6 am, noon and 8:10 pm. The last one was because it was 8 pm, and I wanted to see it work. Spot took a look but didn't eat much.

It solves two issues - loading it is much easier, less spillage (none - if I pay attention) and since the food drops from about 4 inches into the bowl, there's none of the usual clogged feeder. Looks good for now, I may need to adjust the serving sizes to put Spot on a diet. Spook doesn't overeat.

Took the thawed watery chopped liver out of the fridge, and it wasn't very watery anymore. I dumped the newly fried livers & two HB eggs in the blender and added one container of the defrosted stuff and got something closer to what I was going for. And that was dinner, on Jewish rye, with fried onions and chicken skins. Yum! And I am wearing some of it.

Watched PTI and now I am out of Tivo shows again. Did not record MNF, but I'm pretty much done with the Seahawks for the season.

Plans for tomorrow:
More Netflix testing