September 19th, 2018


A Long And Winding Day

Got out late, traffic was impossible, no way to get onto 101 so I took a scenic route back to the back roads and 101 at my usual on-ramp. The exit was not as bad as the one for Shoreline, but it was still 9:30 before I got to the office.

The whole day was running manual tests from the automation suite. Each test is controlled by a browser-based app, and there are prompts to do things and watch for things. The app connects to the TV I'm testing as well as the test server at the other end of Silicon Valley. Today both connections were intermittent. Many tests failed which had passed for the manufacturer's engineers because they didn't understand the directions. Finished right at the end of the day.

Lunch was beef & grains, lamyay for dessert. Had a spinach salad at about 4:30, after I moved the car to a charger space.

Got email from recruiter with details on Friday's interview. The interviewer is a Florida Hispanic named Jaime, which means I'll have to ask how he pronounces his name. Could be Haimee.

Home, traffic was miserable.

Watched PTI & the Below Deck teaser - several years of feuds & soap opera & drunk guests & crew getting fired. And possibly a death coming up. It starts again in October.

In the park slot was a note from management that they forgot to include a piece in the leases. Everyone's lease ends on 10/31, but they want them renewed by 10/1. I need to get there to see what the rents are for a 5-year. They sent a 10-year. Rates go up in August, no idea why they are not glued to the renewal date.

The new automatic cat feeder is working well, Spook chased Spot away from it when she was having a drink at the fountain. Great to see her taking back her house. I may need to re-program the feeder to 3 cups instead of 4 each time. Will see tomorrow.

Took some time with the undercoat comb on Spook. She loves it.

Dinner was chopped liver with sliced HB egg and some fried onions & chicken skin. I love that stuff. Tomorrow, though, ha gow and steamed pork buns, I think. Finished off the chocolate ice cream after eating a nectarine.

Plans for tomorrow:
Do some re-tests. File a bug or three. Report on today's results.
There's a concert at Shoreline, I thought it was Eagles/Zac Brown Band but they are at AT&T, someone I have never heard of but is charging >$300 a seat is playing.
But it means lots of traffic trying to go home, worse the closer it gets to 8 pm.