September 20th, 2018


8-hour audio test

Up & out early, it didn't help traffic much.

Did my report on yesterday's tests, then started the one remaining test which I forgot to start last night before I left - 8 hour loop of a stupid short movie called Tears of Steel. Played over and over again for 8 hours just to check if the log records a line saying it saw an end of file marker at 8 hours.

Meanwhile I needed to keep half an eye and 1/4 of an ear on it, so between pit stops (thank you Lasix) and watching storm chasers  and playing tile match games, somewhere in there I had broccoli beef for lunch because there were no edible salads. Ngaw and lamyay for dessert. And a peach later. And Kind bars.

4:30 moved the car to plug it in, it said 2.5 hours to charge but only took half an hour.

Home, traffic was crazy because of the concert. Back roads all the way, there was a lot of traffic coming from usually non-traffic directions trying to avoid the backups.

Delivered to the carport door was the cat disruptor, will deal with that tomorrow. Maybe. Called Fedex and told them to return to sender the SodaStream unit which they keep sending me notes that they need a signature for. I did not ask how they knew no one was around to sign for it. Because they never tried.

Letter from the mortgage company which I was afraid was going to turn me down, but it was a federally required note saying if they need an appraisal, I am paying for it. Rep told me they didn't.

Turned on the PC and wrote an article on Weird Romance, my favorite obscure musical, and sent it off to the zine editor. He's a friend from BASFA. Curator at the Computer History Museum.

While I was finishing up, Lee knocks on my door to let me know there was a package at my front door. It was a SodaStream unit. For a minute I thought Fedex had effed up, but it was the one I bought from Amazon, next day delivery. Same model, just without a co2 cartridge. It needed a couple of small adjustments to convert if from the small to the large cartridge. The bottle sits in differently too. Will wait till the one I'm using runs out of air.

Recruiter called to make sure I was ready for tomorrow's face to face at Oculus. He said today's candidate forgot to call the interviewer, and they almost didn't hook up. He confirmed that the interviewer's name is pronounced American style, not Spanish style.

Watched PTI, which lost its sound when I FFed past the commercials. Had to turn off the Tivo connection to the receiver and back again. Also watched the MTV match farce show - 2 hours of mostly mismatched couples. Worth it for the very sexy outfits on very sexy women. If I was into men I'd like it for the sexy outfits on the sexy men. We have now established that two of the women and one of the men belong in an asylum. That leaves one man without a match. ;-)

As I write this, Spot is at the top of the tree in the office, snoring loudly. It has been a long time since he was on the tree at all.

As promised, I reprogrammed the feeder to only dispense 3 cups not 4, 3 times a day. The amount looks more reasonable now.

Dinner was ha gow and steamed pork buns. A mango for dessert. Cut myself taking out the chef's knife, and it is hella awkward to put a band aid on a bleeding right index finger. If anyone asks, I'll say I cut myself shaving.

Plans for tomorrow:
8:30 on the road to Oculus
9:30 arrival
10 o'clock interview
noon-ish, back to Google by way of lunch
5:30 head to Starbucks and coffee with Janice

Saturday drive to Mountain House for the party.