September 27th, 2018


Almost Friday

Up and out early. AG called, he has an interview for a job in-house. Hope he can shed his micromanager.

Automated test run had some failures, all of which passed after I made some adjustments to the test environment. Bozo manager had closed the tracking bug, so I had to send email, which he apparently didn't read. And Boss didn't fully understand - she was off-site.

Fired up the next project, but can't test because it won't let me past the "pair your remote" right at the start. Still waiting on remotes from Europe.

Was able to snag a chicken rice bowl from the fridge, so didn't use the frozen meal I'd brought. Also didn't get to eat the mango I'd brought for dessert because today was Google's 20th anniversary and there were 4 big cakes in the break room. Or I should say there were 4 clumps of icing with some cake underneath.

Phoned the recruiter, he wouldn't say outright that I didn't get the job. He clams he's having trouble getting an answer from the hiring manager, but I think it's more that he's not good at phoning people when they are available. Or emailing.

Home, delivered was the 8" omelet pan & glass lid, a universal power adapter and a Fedex express envelope with my refinancing paperwork. Unfortunately the rate they gave me went up 0.3 points, for various reasons. Ironically one of them is their inquiries to credit agencies lowered my credit rating by about 40 points.

Signed in all the places, printed a check for $167 to bring the escrow amount up to the new withholding point, and looked up my closest Fedex drop box. Drove out there, had to make 2 passes through the parking lot because the box was not visible from the street. And after I put the envelope in there, noticed it said they only pick up once, at 5 pm. Grr. Should have gone to the office a little further away.

Home again, unpacked the pan & lid and set them on the stove. Broke out the used oil jug and filled it from the deep dryer, and then filled one and a half of the original bottles. I think that means more oil came out than went in, which makes no sense at all.

Put the washable pieces of the fryer into the dishwasher along with whatever else needed washing and started that up. The heating element had to be wiped down by hand.

When I got home from work, Spook was in the front window meowing at me, then she moved to the side one window width to watch the hummingbirds. Spot was on the laundry room counter, but followed me around the way he does. I am seriously thinking of finding another home for him. He's such a bully. Last night Spook was under the linen rack in the bedroom, and Spot kept attacking her through the crack between the door and the hinges. At one point he hopped around like he was trying to play, but I don't really think so.

Finished Variable Star which has an afterword by Spider basically saying most of the words are his, especially the ridiculously Spider-ish ending. He credits a sax playing friend with giving him technical help - the protagonist is a sax player - but there is absolutely nothing in the book about the technique of sax playing. Just the emotions, which were all Spider's imagination. I know people who get off on sax music, but IMHO it's just a large metal kazoo.

So now I'm back to the Andre Norton anthology, griping about his rabid anti-Communist stories. I need to find another author.

Watched PTI and Who's The One? In the former I skip the basketball and baseball stories. They had an excellent segment with Steve Young. The latter is still whacked, but worth it for the bikinis and sexy outfits.

Caught the end of the football game, had not recorded it. Wish I had, just to FF past the too many stupid Geico ads.

Dunkin' Donuts has changed its name to Dunkin', which is silly because they now mostly make raised glazed donuts, which aren't very dunkable.

Plans for tomorrow:
Maybe hang up the clothes I took out of the wash yesterday
Janice at 5:40, sci-fi movie fest across the street a CHM at 6:45.
Home late