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October 4th, 2018

Wrong Birthday

The other day my vet sent an ecard for Spot's birthday. Spot's birthday was in March. Spook's is coming up at the end of October.
Last night Spook ws in the bedroom under the linen rack as I went to sleep. Spot mostly didn't bother her.

Late to work on purpose, half an hour makes a huge difference in freeway traffic, but the exit is still a mess.

Had a follow-up from the automation test company's engineer, asking me to do some troubleshooting and collect some logs, but the trouble is that right at the point the logs need to be collected the TV is powered off and won't respond to a log request.

I did what I could.

Europe minion lowered her IQ to about my shoe size by asking if we tested both the crap STB units. All our bug entry was clear that we did. Boss answered that one. I would have said something rude.

No storm chasers today - the storms were up in NY. The guy who does the ride home from work every day was online, and the gang was there plus some new people chatting. One woman lives where I went to grade school on Lawn Guyland. But she has only been there 20 years, and we moved away in 1965. Lots has changed. My Baltimore sister keeps tabs and older sister still has friends from there, even while living in Israel. 

Plugged in the car at 5, Hung around till 6, then went to the Pear Ave Google building because dinner included Korean spare ribs. Dinner starts at 6:30, so I got a good table and read more of Relic while I waited. It only took a minute for the line to get very long. The ribs tasted great but the meat was shoe leather. There was also a bowl of udon noodles with veggies which helped, and there was a side dish of unidentified grey meat pieces and also a side of some kind of undercooked grain substance. Chocolate soft serve FTW.

Home, 7:30 traffic was still bad so I took back roads until 237, and that got backed up right before my exit.

Nothing in the mail, nothing delivered.

Spot tried to escape as I came inside, I pushed him out of the way. Shut the bedroom door and took a nap, and also changed browsers on the Samsung tablet - Chrome was burping playing videos. Very annoying. Samsung's generic browser worked well.

Plans for tomorrow:
Work for an hour
Kaiser - flu & pneumo shots, refill a prescription, drop off sharps container.

Turds Day Grumbles

Up at 6:30, Spot licked me awake - on my leg -then woke up again 10 minutes before the alarm. Stayed in bed reading till 8:30.

On the road at 9:15, at work in 20 minutes.

No email, no devices to test. 10:15 ducked out to Kaiser for a flu shot & a pneumonia shot. Parking was a challenge, but I got lucky when three cars left at one time. The line was long, outside the building, so I dropped off my full sharps container and went into the pharmacy and ordered a refill on pills which had almost run out but today was the first day I could renew.

Out to the line, now several people longer. Staffers all along the line moving people who obviously couldn't stand in line to the front. One was asking select people if they were 65 or older, which got them to the front and a double dose shot. Somehow I got to the front of the line in about 20 minutes without having been asked. And then it was a wait because only one of the 4 nurses had the pneumo vaccine.

Got shot twice in my left arm. Made a pit stop, then picked up my prescription. $5 because I've passed my out of pocket limit. That same drug would have cost $35 earlier in the year.

My arm isn't sore but I do have a slight fever and a headache.

Got a late message from automation engineer claiming he was not able to reproduce my crap TV problems. He wanted to blame the remote control, but that's bogus, since that button works fine the first time.

But ask me if I care.

Found a nice TCL 43" 4K HDR TV refurbished on Amazon for $230. It's a Roku TV. I bought it.

10 minutes later, email from Roku HR asking me to set up a phone interview for a QA job I applied for last week. Interview set for Monday afternoon.

Plugged in the car at 4:30, it was done before 6.

Home, back roads were okay. Missed the light at the IFH by seconds. 5-minute wait. Managed to not hit the bicycler who did not stop, and almost cut in front of me.

Nothing delivered. The towels are still in transit. Prime doesn't always work. County election pamphlet with sample ballot in the mail.

Grabbed a 2018 calendar from the guest room, to bring to the photo shoot Saturday. Miss October is Saturday's model.  Started a load of laundry, watched PTI and some of the football game, then laid down in bed to read, and heard Spot crying. He had snuck into the guest room behind me and was still there after I closed the door.

Dinner was a baked turkey leg I forgot was in the freezer, and mixed veggies. Breyer's ice cream for dessert.

Spook came down from her perch for pets and treats and water. Spot tried to annoy her, but when I'm there that doesn't work.

Watched an episode of Mysteries At The Museum, which scored 2 out of three for the artifact not having a solid connection to the story. Cool stories, however.

Found an article online for a no-stick Hgl meter. Signed up for info at Abbott Labs. I meet all the qualifications, and Medicare covers it. I'll have to email my diabetes doctor.

Plans for tomorrow:

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