October 20th, 2018


Sam Sang

It was a difficult morning. Up at 3, then up again with the alarm at 8. Fell into the video rabbit hole online and before I knew it, it was 11.

Up and showered, dressed in one of the new poly Hawaiian shirts, it sure is bright.

After the obligatory email perusal and meds, collected all the towels I don't need, and the Lionel train set, and a couple of useless 8" fry pans, and two pairs of shoes and took them to Goodwill. Live streamed all my car trips today.

After Goodwill, got a haircut at Great Clips. 20 minute wait (online said 30).

Home, should have stopped at the ATM but was in the wrong lane. Maybe tomorrow.

Delivered was a pair of cotton Aloha shirts. 2XL. I should Goodwill some of the 3XLs.

Planted three honeysuckle saplings in the front garden. Two on the side nearest the driveway, one closer to the porch. All of them in 5" of Miracle Grow. In other news, the saffron bulbs are sprouting, later than expected. Warmer than usual October. The flowers are a beautiful lavender on white. I need to snap some photos.

Swapped the SIM from the Pixel phone to the Samsung & registered the change online. Ran Samsung's switch app, which copied almost all of my apps but not my ringtones or notification audio. And not my email app's backup file or my webcam backup file. Easy enough to email those from one phone to the other through wi-fi. Plugged the Samsung into the PC and copied over the ringtones and notifications. Set up my phone app to play Stars & Stripes Forever when any of my sisters calls, a fanfare from Man of La Mancha for Janice, and Maple Leaf Rag for AG. Popular is my standard ring tone. The fanfare from Hercules is the notification tone.

And of course the joy of re-logging in to all the apps.

Refilled the hummingbird feeders. Unboxed the Purina and litterbox cartridges.

4:30 off to Pear Ave Starbucks for 5:30 coffee w/Janice. She called at 5:35, she had gone to the wrong one.  A gang from the Pear Theater came in, and encouraged me to see their show - Hedda Gabler. Janice & I talked till 7:30, when I took off for the photo shoot party. I got there at 8, the model had already done one round, and was changing makeup and costume so I grabbed some pizza & a coke, and a couple of cookies and listened to the photogs banter. I had shot with most of them before. Another model came in made up to be photographed, but she was too late, so she joined the chat.

I shot two rounds, 200 photos in all. There might be a calendar shot in there. Very stylized makeup which didn't show until I saw the photos. Lights do that.

Home, downloaded the photos, gave Spook treats and threw some more kibble into the food bowl. Changed the office litterbox.

Egg nog with extra nutmeg.

Plans for tomorrow:
Toastmasters tall tales contest
[Maybe] go to Lowe's and buy some more Miracle Grow, and replant the yarrow and bird of paradise
Take out the garbage