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November 7th, 2018

Body Parts

Weird morning. Woke up at 3, then 4, then 6:30 and finally with the 7:30 alarm. Spot was on the bed when I was trying to get to sleep, licking me, so I finally pushed him off the bed. Twice. Three times and he got the hint. I like him on the bed purring, but this licking thing is annoying.

8:30 walked to the community center and voted. There was only one person in line ahead of me, but the other precinct had several in line. Three bigger then legal sized card stock pages printed on both sides.

Killed time till 9:30, then headed for the Ford dealership. They took a look at the damage and sent me across the street to the F&S body shop, but I didn't see it across the street so I asked my GPS and it sent me clear to Santa Clara 5 miles away. Turns out that is their original shop, tiny and in an ally packed with car body parts. They sent me back with better directions and yes, the shop is directly across the street from the dealership, but it's on the other side of a divided road, and you can't get there from here. Have to make a U-turn about two blocks down.

So, F&S guy took a look, figured out which part it was, gave me an estimate of around $100 for the part and $50 for labor, and he said it's only a 45-minute repair so when the part comes in, maybe tomorrow, he'll call and he can fix it while I wait. 45 minutes. Amazed, I expected a much more expensive repair.

Went home since the shop is in the opposite direction from work, packed a lunch and was at the office by 11. 

Finished the tests, wrote up the results for Boss and the two managers involved. Two tests failed which bozomanager needs to sort, and one was unavailable - the automation test writers had it under maintenance. It will probably be taken off the list.

Lunch was a Safeway bacon salad. Italian dressing. The bacon was not very good - ground bacon, not bits. But the salad as a whole was good.

Nothing in the afternoon except to point out to Tall Manager that the bug he was asking about I had already documented in the bug report. Turns out it's probably one for bozomanager. 

Watched one storm chaser in SD, and the metal detector guy in upstate NY. Played tile matching games. Read the news from 7 sources, avoiding the hugely over-reported too-early articles on the election. We won't really know till tomorrow on most of them. Maybe later, what with the huge number of mail-ins.

Called my Baltimore sister, who is recovering from blood clots after knee replacement surgery, she had gone to the polling place on crutches.

Made an appointment for Saturday morning for 1-800-got-junk to haul away the futon and TV and TV stand, plus a couple of broken floor lamps.  I'll call and add the microwave and the Cuisinart base.

Plugged in the car at 5, stayed till 6. Drove to the UPS store and handed in the box with three amazon returns. I am still in search of a wireless charging stand that takes a USB C cable. I have a long C-to-C cable I'd like to use.

Home,  nothing delivered. Two National Geographics in the mail. Friday movie night is a thriller I'm not interested in.

Dinner was a piece of Alaska salmon which had some kind of cajun sauce built into it. Sensor reheat on the new microwave didn't get it completely unthawed, so I nuked it for 2 more minutes. In the other microwave I heated up some frozen mixed veggies. Chocolate ice cream for dessert.

Watched PTI and Long Lost Family. This was not one of the better ones. They edited out a lot from one of them, and both were run of the mill discoveries of mom right in the neighborhood and no dad to be found.

The cats have been fighting all evening. Spot is being a brat - he also has been messing with the orchid plants on top of the tall speakers.

Plans for tomorrow:
Hopefully the body part will arrive before I go to work, and we can have that installed first thing.
Wednesday, no plans other than that. No projects at work.

Indian Hanukkah

Up at 6:30, this standard time thing is not kicking in quite yet. Got caught up on amazon and on FB so was half an hour late to work. I streamed my ride, and several people watched, but I am done with that because cell service is so intermittent that huge chunks of my ride are skipped, and the audio goes in and out. But I am stuck with the unlimited plan till next week. Verizon only lets you change plans once a month. Fair enuf.

No tests to run, but I had to explain to Tall Manager that the tests he was asking me to run I had run and documented Monday, and he might consider actually reading the bug he was linking to. It took way too long for him to get it.

NP and NNP came in dressed in very beautiful & ornate saris, headgear and all, they looked stunning, and were handing out Diwali sweets. Yum.

Lunch was a ham salad from the fridge, and mango upside down cake. I had brought a Safeway chef salad, but the ham salad is equivalent and free.

No call from the body shop.

Texted Eddie, the second Adecco rep, who now works elsewhere, but got no answer. Typical Eddie. Candace answered my email. She had noticed me back on FB.

Put the headphones on to listen to some Twitch streamers, but ran the video on an HDR TV for Blade Runner and the latest Mad Max. Both had outstanding cinematography.

Plugged in the car at 4:45, left at 6, Spot was in the front window when I pulled in but was in the carport window by the time I parked. He is fast. I think he is part tachyons.

I had left the guest room door open, Spook is in the under the futon. I'll shut the door when she comes out. I'm having the junk guys haul away the futon & TV & tv stand on Saturday.

Watched PTI and Below Deck. The crew is a hot mess. I am hoping that Cap fires the boson and promotes #2 to that slot. #3 and #4 will be fine with boson gone. And I think chief stew will send #3 home and hire someone who doesn't cry and panic all the time.

Dinner was wheat thins and goat milk cheeses followed by turkey summer sausage which went into the disposal after two pieces, and then turkey baloney which is an old staple, and a pickle. Mango upside down cake for desert.

Streaming from the PC as I write this, no issues with signal at home, using the internet connection not Verizon cell data.

Plans for tomorrow:
Work-free work
Body shop???
Look for a new job (cont)


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