November 13th, 2018


Builds builds builds

Got up at 6, Spot was yelling. Pit stop, then back to sleep till 7:30. Visited Spot, stuck the webcam in what I thought was a better location, but it turned out to be way worse. Brought in a cat bed on a post scratcher thing which he liked to curl up in when it was next to my bed.

Spook was begging for treats as soon as I got to the kitchen. Full bowl of kibble, but she wants treats.

Garbage was collected but not recycled stuff. Wheeled in the garbage bin. 

Out on time, no traffic because of the holiday but somehow didn't get to work till 10 after.

Started the tests where I had left off.

Lunch was an Organic "Asian" salad from but not by Safeway. It was lame.

Late in the day Tall Manager and some engineer I had never heard of wanted me to re-test a bug with this afternoon's new build. I explained that I was still testing the build from Thursday. And basically ignored them from there. I am sick of this random builds thing. It has become the standard, and it should be the exception. Test everything, fix everything and test again, then ship it. 

Home, Recycle bin was still out on the street, wheeled it in and then moved the car to plug it in. Nothing delivered, no mail.

Watched the 49ers give the game away in the last 2 minutes again.

Dinner was chopped liver & onions on rye, newly defrosted batch of chopped liver tasted great (the last batch went bad, tasted like lemons).

Went online, caught up on FB and started streaming on Twitch. Lots of people tuned in, had to put two on timeouts, they kept barraging me with stupid questions. 

Visited Spot again,  mounted the webcam in a good location, and set up presets. I can see int in my app, but not using the usual URL on my web page. Ordered a replacement old one on eBay.

Plans for tomorrow: