November 20th, 2018


Not Much

Up and out early, after some quality time with Spot. Got word in email from a cousin that his mother died. She was in her 90s. She lived in Capitola, and when I first found out she was in CA I visited her but after a while the drive over the hill on ever dangerous Hwy 17 became a show stopper. At one time she and my dad were an item. They were cousins, but not first cousins. They shared a grandmother. My dad's mother's mother.

Continued testing an STB and sort of bricked it once. Need to file bugs tomorrow.

Lunch was Beef & grains after not finding anything edible in the grab and go fridge. Found a chicken rice bowl later in the day which will be lunch tomorrow.

No chargers free till 5, plugged in but only 90% charged.

Home, not much traffic. Took 101 at Ellis but bailed at the IFH because cross-bay traffic was heavy.

Thought about going to BASFA but the MNF game was too good. The wrong team won, but it was close.

My motion sensors are all disconnecting from the Samsung hub. They are 3 different brands, so something is wrong with Samsung hub. Will search it tomorrow.

Streamed for about 90 minutes. Some interesting people, but mostly infantile trolls. Norway. Mexico and Oz represented.

Dinner was leftover chicken drumstick & rice & matzo balls & a few small pieces of duck. Strawberries sliced and over chocolate ice cream for dessert. Most of the small clamshell of strawberries had gone bad. Need to apply vinegar when I buy from Grocery Outlet.

Booked a trip. 24 hours to and from Grand Junction, CO. I've seen the place a couple of times on my way elsewhere. Convenient times mostly. 9 am from Emeryville but 10 am arrival and 4 pm departure. Two nights in an affordable hotel a short walk from the station. Taking Monday off as a return travel day. It'll be cold and wet some of the time, but I should have enough sunshine to walk around and take pictures.

Janice wants to get together Wednesday after work.

Plans for tomorrow:
Manicure - no color this time
Change the litterboxes