November 25th, 2018



Had a banana for breakfast. Spent some quality time with Spot, Spook was begging for treats as soon as I was dressed.

Hgl was way too high considering the what I'd eaten.

Been feeling tired all the long weekend.

Got to Costco around noon, huge line outside for the Bad Food™ stand. The MV store has a nice section indoors by the door, but the Lawrence Expy store is all outdoors, and it gets wet if it rains.

Walked the whole length of the building to get to the restroom and both stalls were occupied. When I finally got to one, the urge was gone.

I had only a handful of items on my list:
Korean BBQ ribs package
Breathe-right strips (the tan ones)
Pre-cooked bacon (an homage to Barenaked Ladies)
Canned fruit pie filling

They only had the strips and bacon. But I subbed lamb shanks and bulgogi for the ribs. Managed to spend almost $175. Trout, baklava, croissants, goat cheeses, etc.

Home, put everything away. Each croissant in its own sandwich bag, cut each trout in half and put it inn a quart freezer bag, separated the bulgogi into 4 freezer bags - all those went into the freezer.

Watched a Nova episode on ancient mummies found in Irish and Scandinavian bogs,  and one on searching submerged WWII plane wrecks for bodies. Part of an ongoing MIA project.

Saw Notre Dame beat USC by a TD.

Lots of good wishes from all over on Twitter for the Husky Band. One of their buses flipped over on the way to the game, the whole band was sent home. The Cougar band formed a big W and played the Husky fight song? Not sure if they played Bow Down or Victory.
I should un-delete the tivo recording and watch the end. I nuked it just as the W was being shown, before I realized what I was seeing. It looked WRONG® with all those white uniforms (Husky band wears purple). That was a lot more class than we've come to expect from Wazoo.

Lunch was just some goat cheese on wafers. Baklava chaser.

I went online for a couple of hours, had a lot of people chatting, two from the storm chasers gang. UK, Australia, Brazil, Sweden, Switzerland, Germany, USA, France.

Shut off the stream to cook up some frozen rice and bulgogi. It came out well. Mochi and baklava for dessert.

Did the ice routine. I don't have an icemaker in the fridge, the previous owner never had the water connection installed, so I keep 4 ice cube trays in the big freezer and dump the contents into the fridge freezer's ice drawer every couple of weeks.

Will stream some more tonight.

Both phones sold on eBay.

Plans for tomorrow:
Box up the phones
Watch some NFL football
4 pm to Janice's, we'll see the Solo movie and chat at Starbucks. Not necessarily in that order.
Maybe trout for dinner
Maybe bake a cobbler with crumble topping