November 27th, 2018


The Talk™

So, Boss finally came in for the exit interview-ish chat. She gave me the option of making next Monday my last day but I wanted to stick it out till the end (Tuesday). I'll surrender my badge to her instead of trying to find my mostly unresponsive contract reps. She needs me to enter my time on Monday because she has to kill my access to everything Tuesday.

I'm taking my router home, but agreed to set up the one she bought to replace it. I sent her a link for a better Toslink cable, and that's about all the equipment stuff. I'll zip my linux machine drive and put it someplace shareable.

She has 2 more QA people joining on Monday. So 4 people needed to replace me. Woot! I declined the offer of a going-away lunch.
Major insomnia last night, couldn't sleep, fired up the PC and  watched storm chasers in the snow till 3:30 am. Brought a can of Red Bull to work and it just made me squirrelly without really keeping me more awake. Storm chasers gave me something to watch and the NASA live broadcast of the Mars probe landing was amazing. People worked for 7 years for that one moment in time.

It went off without a hitch. I went onto the JPL web site and registered my resume. If only there was a job for me there, I'd sell the house and move to Pasadena.

NP came in a couple of times for advice on a tricky audio test.

Something online prompted me to order 2 lbs of lox from Whole Foods/Amazon same day delivery.

Set up some songs on Nightbot to play on my Twitch stream. Had to wait till I got home to test it.

I'd dropped off two eBay packages at a the PO on my way to work, which meant a longer drive, so at 5 pm plugged in the car. Got about 90% charge by 5:30.

Home, traffic was horrible, typical Monday.

Gave Spook treats when she begged for them, but she hardly ate any. Took a nap for an hour.

Spent some time with Spot. He's coming to grips with only 2 cups of kibble a day. Still fat, though.

Asked for the delivery to be put on the carport steps, but it appeared at the front door. I think my door bell needs a new battery.

Watched Shark Tank and PTI. Dinner was a criossant with goat milk cream cheese and about 1/3 lb of lox and a half dozen shrimp tempura. Mochi & baklava for dessert.

Streamed for about 90 minutes. The songs did not play. Hmmm. Egg nog diluted with milk chaser. Some good chatters. Only a couple of trolls.

Spook has been actively playing with her toys. I wish I could let Spot out, but can't trust Spook to ignore him or for him to behave himself.

Re-opened my stream, watched some tutorials, read some forum hints and figured out how to get songs to play from the "nightbot" app. Turns out I had to enable the desktop audio and also have the nightbot page up and playing. And instead of muting the speaker, mute the Twitch page so it doesn't echo/feedback.

Finding One Moment in Time also found me this. Makes my eyes leak every time.

Plans for tomorrow: