December 26th, 2018


Final HumpDay of 2018

Up at 7:30, read in bed till 9:30. Writers of the Future sci-fi anthology. Showered, weighed myself. Still gaining weight. And then losing, and gaining some more.

Nothing delivered. In the mail was my youngest sister's card and year-end wrap up.

Drove to the mountain view BB&B, bought a lot of syrups, exchanged a small cartridge, bought a pair of non-stick cookie sheets because the latest pair (from amazon) turned out to be stick and non-cleanable.

Headed home but then detoured to 237, and the original Ranch 99 supermarket. Got 2 of their last 3 bunches of Lamyay, some tangerines, 69¢/lb bananas, big hunkin limes. Also two small locally caught lobsters - steamed. And then on to the choppery and got a pound of roast pork and half a duck. Then to the freezer section and got another flat of ha gow and a couple of packages of roti canai. aka parantha.

Home, did not stop at Grocery Outlet to charge the car because I had nothing to buy there - I suppose I could have hung out at Pete's.

Put away all the things, watched some TV, went online for a while. Lots of storm chasers out, but no major storms. Maybe tomorrow.

Lunch was a Safeway salad - seafood allegedly. Only seafood was imitation crab made from haddock. HB egg, olives. Thousand Island. Not as good as the chef salad.

Looked at the Tivo program guide and saw the Cheeze-it Bowl. Waited for it to come on, and it was Cal! They were in OT 7-7 last time I checked.

I need to replace a couple of my carnivorous plants, but the place I go to in Half Moon Bay has changed hands and the new owners have shut down for the rest of the year.

Interesting contract opportunity from Kaiser, but it's in Pleasanton, way too far to commute. :-(

Dinner was ha gow and I warmed up one lobster in the steamer.

Spook pooped on the kitchen floor again, so after I cleaned it up I sprayed the area with Lysol and then cat repellent, and she ran to the livingroom and stayed there while I had dinner and I threw her bits of lobster. She loves that stuff. Spot kept his distance, reluctantly.

I streamed for a little more than an hour, cut it short when I was just talking to myself.

Back to the kitchen, Spook was back on her tree. She finally came down for treats, Spot was out of sight.

Plans for tomorrow:
Grocery Outlet, plug in the car, take my laptop and hang out at Pete's.