December 28th, 2018


Charging & Chocolate Fail

This morning I dropped off the rent and told them about the new car, and they suggested I should get a charger installed, and that it needed to be done by a licensed electrician and needed a permit.**

Next stop was the Grocery Outlet, plugged in the car to the EvGo station, the app got it going. GO was out of darkest chocolate, so I went to Specialty's and had a pecan sticky bun and a soft drink, except the soft drink machine was broken so they comped me a coffee. Horrible Pete's coffee, no milk in sight. Ate the bun but threw away the coffee.

30 minutes later EvGo app said the charge time had expired, but instead of it quick charging it just did a level 2, which only added about 15% to the charge.

Home, plugged in the car for the rest of the charge. 4 hours. After it was charged Amazon delivered the 240-110 adapter, so that's now in place, much cleaner than the clunky one which came with the charger.

**Online, found the Nissan-recommended company for chargers, and sent them a note asking about installation. They replied with the cost estimate for the electrical work, and the cost for the charger, and said there were contractors in the San Jose area they used who would take care of the permit. I forwarded that to the park management. Online tried to order the service, but they said to call, so I called the fellow who had emailed me, but got voicemail. Probably gone for the day. Maybe tomorrow. It's going to cost about $1500. And it does not look like I can get the PG&E discount, because the company which owns the park pays the bill. Although they do bill us what our meter says....

The rest of the day was mostly a waste. Lunch was duck with roti and mixed veggies. Bubbie's mochi for dessert.

Watched bits and snatches of bowl games. Duke-Temple, Virginia Tech-Baylor.

Logged onto Twitch, the guy who usually streams metal detection was snowed in, so he was playing a game of marbles, which I joined in on. Liked it enough to install it on my stream, which took a lot of sleuthing because the folks who make it assume you already know how to stream a game. But I found sufficient hints. I streamed it for about half an hour until everyone got bored and left.

Dinner was spaghetti with roast pork in BBQ sauce. Pasta was slightly underdone, the pork was pretty dry. Will use it in soup I think. Got the roast pork instead of the usual honey BBQ pork, which was a mistake. Lamyay for dessert.

9 pm streamed chat, someone apparently was DDossing my connection, which isn't supposed to happen with this router.  Power cycling the router cleared it up. Now have >200 followers. That got me a badge, but no income.

Also delivered was a 6-pack of Scharffen-Berger 82% chocolate bars, but they were all inedible. Bloomed, looked and tasted like chalk. All 6. Not returnable, so I posted a nastygram with pictures on Amazon feedback asking for a refund. The use-by date is Feb 2019, I'll have to check what's on the shelf at stores but I am pretty sure that's at least a year old, and obviously stored somewhere not temperature controlled.

Plans for tomorrow:
Call or email about the charger
Text AG - if he's working we can do lunch. He probably won't be
Piazza's market? Target? buy some Scharffen-Berger 82% chocolate bars

No room at the breaker?

I've been setting the alarm for 7:30 just for a sense of normalcy, even though a couple of days this week wouldn't have been work days. It means I have a lot of time on my hands.

Called the 888 number to order a car charger/installation, talked to the same guy I'd left voicemail for. He needed some reminding. In about an hour there was a call back from the real order taker, she emailed me a form and asked for photos of the circuit breaker and the carport. Filled out the form and emailed it back with the pictures but it bounced because the pix were too big so I photoshopped them down and sent it all again.

She was surprised how quickly I did that. Nothing happening till Jan 2, though. I suspect. looking at the breaker requirements, that my house can't handle another 240Amp circuit. No room on the breaker unless they move two 15A switches to the bottom left and right to create a dual phase pair.

Spent time online, also uninstalled several programs I no longer need. And after thinking about it for several nanoseconds, I uninstalled all the streaming programs and put a 404 message on my Twitch page:
I have been involved in streaming since the first Windows Media Player (NetShow), so when I was introduced to Twitch as part of Google's Android TV test program, I had to give it a try.

Mobile streaming doesn't work in my area due to intermittent cell reception, and I have better things to do with my evenings than talk to myself online or play inane games.

So, the experiment is over, thanks for playing. I need to floss the cats, replace the sourdough starter in my Jeep and get the zipline set up in my carport.

The Twitch streaming setup is awkward, you need to run the app and also have the browser page open and another browser page if you want to play music and another app full screen to play a game. And mute the PC's speaker because there's feedback. Unless I wanted to wear headphones, which is uncomfortable.

So no more streaming, but I still will follow streamers. It's storm season and storm chasers have a friendly community of chatters.

Watched a bit of the bowl games.

Lunch was a Marie Callendar full sized beef pot pie. I left over much of the crust. The last Bubbie's mochi for dessert.

With the Scherffen-Berger disaster,  decided to make the long drive to Piazza's in Palo Alto, and it was a good move because they had the 3oz bars on sale for $1 less than their usually $1 less price. I bought 10. Also picked up a couple of boxes of frozen matzo balls. And a small round of spreadable sheep cheese - not as good as the French kind susandennis turned me on to years ago but it's so rare to see any sheep milk cheeses.Light egg nog, turkey polish sausage, and a pair of mineola tangelos. And a can of mushroom soup.

Home, in the mailbox was a priority mail package, probably an eBay sale, but someone else's name was on the box. Right address, though. Return to sender tomorrow. Plugged in the car and turned on the electronic switch and nothing happened. Apparently the 14-50 adapter I bought doesn't make the right connection. Put Nissan' ugly fat one back and it worked. But it puts a strain on the brick's cable.

Put all the stuff away.

Had the sheep cheese on wheat thins for a snack.

Dinner was spaghetti again, but this time with an Alfredo-ish sauce made from cream of mushroom soup, cut up swiss cheese, red pepper flakes, and cut up lobster. Delicious. I have a lot of sauce left, need to put it in a container. Lamyay for dessert and egg nog.

Watched the first half of the Alamo Bowl, WSU and Iowa State. Boring. Kept it on as I watched some streamers online. On guy is in Korea and stumbled upon a K-pop free outdoor concert. Very sexy young women dancers who may also sing. Also watched vegas_penquin, who streams his emergency road assistance trips.

Was playing The Mermaid Broadway album in the car, tried to plunk out the tune on the piano but could only remember the verse.

Spot has an annoying new habit - he claws my leg when I'm on the computer. Spook still poops on the floor in the kitchen. She has been getting better at coming down from her perch for treats.

Heard some cheering from the TV, so checked in on the Alamo Bowl. WSU had managed to almost blow a big lead, but they won by 2 points.

Plans for tomorrow:
Fire up the laptop, charge it & apply any updates
Janice at 5 in MV
It looks like my nails need to be touched up.