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The Day Before The Morning After

Up early, freaked out Spot by getting out of bed right away. At work early, email from Eurominion said to make a new bug for each issue but list the bug numbers in the tracking bug which she originally wanted all the bugs filed into. Good choice. I think I entered about 6 or 7 bugs on the Norway box. And I wasn't done testing.

Plowed through the main test list, at least two more bugs found. Lunch was some steamer or other. And strawberries.

Somewhere in there I called my youngest sister and said I really didn't want any French Tarragon. And got the skinny on the Bolt she & hubby have been driving for a few months. She was all about how they had a tough time finding chargers on a trip to Whistler and somewhere else quite far from Poulsbo, WA. Between the lines, I said, she was saying it was comfortable enough - and she replied that yeah, it was more comfortable than her last car, and easier to get in/out of than their pickup truck.

While we were chatting, Boss came in to check the build number on the crapTV, which is one of about 50 laying about the building. Almost 2 years and she still doesn't trust my bug reports. Grrr. Chalk it up to her OCD coupled by being pretty scattered. These are not necessarily Bad Things™. I need to send a hangouts note that I'm only keeping the door closed because the programmer whose desk sits facing it has politely complained.

Tried to wi-fi connect the dash cam to the phone and use Streamlabs/Twitch to go online, but it didn't work. Pixel phone won't connect without an Internet connection. Which the dashcam doesn't provide.

Did some research and was able to live stream to Twitch from the phone using the Twitch app and maybe the Streamlabs app too. The clip from my lab is viewable here.

So, the Rove dashcam is now officially a FAIL. I have a cell phone windshield mount on order, and may try streaming that way.

Wrapped up the main tests and started in on the Youtube tests. One possible bug and a handful of performance issues not worth more than a comment on the spreadsheet. Started a 3-hour test with less than an hour till EOD. Plugged the car in at 5:30, stuck around till 6 and was rewarded with lighter traffic.

Home, delivered was two sets if USB gender benders and one laminated wooden board from Home Depot. Looks like they lost the order for the second one. I only need one.

Trying to get in the door with my hands full, fatbratcat dashed outside, but he rolled over on the driveway and let me carry him back in. I was not pleased.

Got the hoses out and jet sprayed the car all over, get the dust off. It needs a proper wash, but my usual place has done crappy work for too many pesos. Need to try an unusual place.

Back inside, took the bedroom TV off the too-short stand, put the booster stand on top, and the board on top of that. TV on top fit fine. And this inspired me to get all my spare coax, move the antenna across the room to the window, and run the coax along the molding above the closet to the TV. Re-scanned and found almost all the channels.

All of that is probably stopgap, I have a mini Tivo on order which is supposed to let me see what's on the Roamio in the livingroom in the bedroom. But it won't be here for a couple of weeks.

Watched the last 4 minutes of Thursday Night Football. That little Manning boy needs to retire. His big brother didn't know when either. Denver won that Superbowl despite Peyton. I still don't know how he got those commercials.

Watched PTI, then one episode of Mysteries At The Museum.  Paused the latter a couple of times to walk the bedroom TV through all the OTA channels. Comet looks good enough.

Dinner was crab bisque into which I threw some shrimp wontons. One mochi and two popsicles for dessert.

Spook has been claiming her kitchen again. She was parked behind the water fountain, just lying there being Queen. Spot came along and stared, waving his tail, but she just sat there, no tail action, no growling, and Spot walked away.


Plans for tomorrow:
Boss will be working from home which is good news
3 pm Roku manager interview call
5:30 meet Janice at Starbucks
Home, fill in my time sheet.

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