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The plan for today was a quiet day with Boss working from home, a phone interview in the afternoon, and coffee after work with Janice.

It has been a while since I told this story. In 1989 I met Janice online in ba.singles. We went on a coffee date in Palo Alto, and then went to one of our places (probably mine) and boinked. She decided we wouldn't do that again, and we became coffee date/lunch date friends. At the time I worked as HP's support person for universities and she worked in the Stanford Psych department - one of my clients. We had lunch often in their basement Thai café. There were some gaps, but it turned out I knew her brother Steve too, and we all stayed in touch. For a while all her BFs were named Steve. Spooky.  She was always the one to call and set up get-togethers. Still is. When her parents were killed in a car crash, I drove Janice & her bro to the airport. When her bro dropped dead of a heart attack in a liquor store, I helped crack his laptop for her and figure out what to do with his electronics. She loves to travel - has been many more places than me.

Got to work early, and the test I was running had locked up the device, so I had to gather logs and file a bug report. And run the 3-hour YouTube endurance test again. That was the low res test. When that was done, it was the 3-hour 4K test.

Lunch was a Google ham & blue cheese salad and my strawberries.

Boss showed up. She has a way of not being able to stay away. I hate when that happens.

Around 10 am, Roku HR emails asking to postpone the interview till Monday. I HATE when that happens, especially when the interviewer had a week to schedule it.

No chasers on Twitch, so I watched Metal Detector Guy. And looked for clips from My Cat From Hell, but they have them blocked on YT, need to log into the Animal Planet page and enter a cable login.

Reading the setup guide for the mini Tivo vox, it needs an ethernet connection, no wireless will do. So I ordered a wi-fi/ethernet bridge to set up next to the bedroom TV.

Maybe not a wise choice. The Tivo mini is $180, the bridge another $60. Just renting a Comcast box is $10/month, so 2 years before ROI. Hmmm.

After work, it took 10 minutes to drive 6 blocks to Starbucks because cretins ahead of me don't know a free right turn when they see one, and I had to wait 3 traffic light cycles on the side street.  And one more for the left turn lane from Shoreline.

Got caught up with Janice's week, fixed her ringtone which had gotten lost in the last automatic update.

Home, nothing delivered. Uninstalled the dash cam, 'cause it's useless. Maybe it will be eBay fodder.

Refilled the windshield washer tank.

Put a load of shirts in the washer, then dryer. Threw in the tablet case as well.

Dinner was mango chicken on rice, three mochi.

Watched PTI and Who's Your Match? The latter ended on a cliffhanger - we won't find out till next week if a couple who went into the "truth booth" is a Perfect Match®. The show is so phony. But there is a lot of fine T&A. Especially A.

Took Jackson Galaxy's advice and played with Spot with the feather toy, but Spot ran out of steam after 5 minutes, then attacked Spook. Who slapped him away. FAIL.

Opened up my FB page and started the backup process. When that is done (it's going to take a while) I'm deleting the account.

I'll use Spook's account, and not post much except Onion satires and my puns.
Plans for tomorrow:
Wear purple & maybe gold
Drive to Los Gatos for the Husky Alumni football game viewing party.
Campbell for Karaoke

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